5 Tips On How to Cope With an Essay on Success Quickly


Is your deadline looming closer by the minute and you have no idea how to cope with your essay on success? Calm down, breathe easily and read our article. We’ll give you tips on how to complete your assignment on time even if your deadline is near at hand.

5 Tips on How to Complete Your Essay Quickly

  • Use two or three sources. Unfortunately, when you are lacking time, you are not capable of conducting proper research. Therefore, you should use the information from two or three reliable sources. Ask your instructor to provide you with the list of authoritative sources. Use different sources (books, websites, etc.) to make your text many-sided.
  • Simplify your writing. We are not suggesting that you write as if you were five years old. We just recommend you to write in simple words. When completing the first version of your essay on success, write everything that springs to your mind. Try to cope with writing in one breath. Then you’ll be able to edit your draft. Do not stop when writing for the first time. If you stop, it would be more difficult for you to complete it then. Once you have an inspiration, sit down to write. Also, we would recommend you to write in short sentences. That way you are likely to make fewer mistakes.
  • Make the outline during the research. You may think that making the outline is redundant in the conditions of a tight time framework, however, it would be a huge mistake to skip this important step. In reality, the detailed outline will greatly save your time. You won’t have to think of each next paragraph. When you have a plan, it’s always easier to move further. Also, the outline will help you to see whether you stay consistent through the entire work.
  • Take you biological activity into account. As a rule, people think faster in the morning. If it is possible, start to write your essay on success in the morning. However, we know that many students put off writing assignments till the night. In this case, we can only recommend you not to drink much coffee as you will become sleepy sooner than you’d like to.
  • Take breaks. Divide the whole writing process into steps and take breaks between steps. We suggest you to divide the process into these stages: research, writing, first editing, and second editing. If you have some rest between the different types of activities, you will regain your vitality faster.

Ideas for Your Essay

To save your time we have prepared a list with ideas that can inspire you. Use them to complete your essay on success.

  • Do you consider that success is the result of hard work?
  • What is your idea of success? Complete an essay about what success means to you.
  • Is there a difference between being successful and feeling successful?
  • Investigate the success story of a well-known person. Why do you think he or she is successful? What helped him or her to reach success?
  • Do you think that a person can become successful by taking risks or due to thorough planning?
  • Do you agree that a person can’t be successful without the desire to be such a person?

How to Start an Essay About Success

Essay About Success

A lot of students put off writing their assignments because they don’t know how to start. Once you finished the step of research, try to catch the thought that first appeared in your mind. Be sure it is somewhere in your brain, but you just can’t hear it yet. Start writing from the thought you can define. Don’t think of whether it is suitable for the introduction or not. The intro you can complete even after the whole work is done. Also, we have a couple of pieces of advice for you that will help you to cope with introduction:

  1. Avoid general beaten phrases. Your audience doesn’t want to lose a minute. Don’t waste their time by giving useless information. If you are writing about success, don’t start with something of this nature: “Success is an abstract notion, and everyone can understand it in his or her own way.” This sentence tells us nothing.
  2. Intrigue with weird facts or questions. You should grab the attention of your readers. Example of a weird fact (this is not actually a real fact, just an example): “Scientists have found out that success depends on genetics.” The example of a question: “What does success mean to you?”

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