A Perfect Essay Hook to Catch the Reader’s Interest

Essay Hook

Okay, let’s face it: some essays are written with the sole purpose of being handed to the teacher. And this isn’t the students’ fault, since quite often the topic sounds like an incomprehensible string of sophisticated words. We feel sorry for you if you have to deal with a professor who doesn’t care about fostering your interest in learning, but we want to assure you that even the most boring and weird essay can be turned into a magnificent piece of writing without much effort. And one of the most important things you have to do is design a perfect essay introduction.

Introduce Yourself

An essay hook is your chance to make the first impression, and as the saying goes, you cannot make a second first impression. That partially explains why there’s so much fuzz about the starting lines in any kind of written work – essays, books, even speeches. And here we will answer three of the most popular questions about designing a perfect starting line for your essay.

Q: What are essay hooks?

An essay hook consists of one or two opening sentences in your paper. In other words, it’s an introduction to your introduction. The main aim is to catch the attention of your readers and entice them for further reading. You need to feel like Scheherazade telling her thousand tales: tell enough so the reader will be interested, but stop at the right point so they will be curious enough to read more. Avoid spoilers to your own work!

Q: Can an essay hook be a question?

The answer is: yes, absolutely. It’s actually hard to find something more attractive than a meticulously designed, provocative question for such curious creatures as humans. Think of what might surprise people in your essay the most, and try to remember what surprised you when you started gathering the information and doing research.

Q: How to write a good essay hook?

We have to give you a piece of advice that might seem quite boring: practice makes perfect. However, we have made some improvements to this ancient idea. Instead of trying in vain, at first it’s better to look for some good examples of catchy hooks. Then, you need to imitate them (good artists borrow, great artists steal!). Don’t put too much effort in it. At the beginning stages, it will be simply replacing and substituting words. And when you have made enough preparations, it’s time to start creating your own essay hooks.

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