An Essay on Need of Women Empowerment

a short essay on women empowerment

In the past, gender roles played a large role in most societies. Men were usually the ones who held jobs and earned money in the family, while women were tasked with the household chores and raising children. Even though times have changed and gender roles have become less rigid, women still face a great deal of discrimination in many countries around the world. To address this issue, we might ask ourselves: what can we do to help women rise through the ranks of society and reach a status similar to that of men?

In order to address the financial inequalities of gender, women must be empowered economically. Through economic empowerment, women are meant to gain a foothold in the economic system by having access to good education and job opportunities (Kabeer). It is essential that women should get paid the same wage as a man for the same job.

Another form of women’s empowerment is political empowerment. We cannot truly say that women and men are equal in a society in which women have little say in government matters. One way in which we could provide political empowerment is the creation of quotas for women in parliaments and congress, and other such affirmative action policies (Duflo). In order to better stand a chance against a rigid system, women should be able to engage in fair political competition and have better access to voting systems (Deneulin and Shahani).

Women’s empowerment is not just a simple concept. It is a process that has already begun but must continue to grow and develop in the future. Although there are many countries around the world where women face a great deal of discrimination, progress has been made in others. Throughout the western nations, women enjoy, most of the time, the same rights and privileges as men.

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Sample of an Essay on Need of Women Empowerment

In this women empowerment essay, we can see the idea of equality and restoration of men and women in obtaining benefits in society.

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