Become a Guru on Essay Writing Topics


A good topic is key to a successfully written essay. Needless to say, the process of choosing a good topic can be time-consuming and energy-draining, and very often students aren’t even given the opportunity to carefully think about the subject they will describe in their essay. However, with these simple tricks, creating essay writing topics will be a fun game for you, instead of a boring task you just need to finish.

We’ve posted earlier six essay tips to make you an essay guru and today you are welcome to find out more about the topics.

What Are Good Essay Topics?

What comprises a good essay? First of all, it is an interesting and up-to-date topic. When students are given an opportunity to choose the topic, they usually start their search, as well as the wiring process, the night before the due date. This means that the topic is chosen hastily, and the essay will be written in order just to hand it in and forget about it. However, if you put a little bit more effort in it, you can actually enjoy the whole process.

1) Start in advance. This is not the most creative and easy piece of advice, but it is the most effective. If you have an assignment, start thinking about the topic now – right after you finish reading this sentence. The main problem is not your lack of experience in choosing essay writing topics, and even not the lack of interest, but the endless procrastination. Just start doing it, and you will see how impossibly boring things become more and more bearable as you immerse yourself into the process.

2) Rely on various sources. There’s no secret recipe of a perfect essay or a topic, but you at least can learn from good examples. The trick is pretty simple: google “what are essay topics for the common application,” and you will kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you will find those topics, since they are well known and they don’t change very much from year to year. And you will also find a couple of brilliant essays that impressed an admission committee and were published as an example to be followed.

3) Practice means perfection. You can either find writer exercises on the Internet, or design your own. The only rule you have to follow during the process is “challenge yourself.” Start with things that are really hard for you to create. Humans are pretty good at avoiding things they don’t like to do. But when you start the hardest part first, you will feel proud of yourself later, which boosts motivation even more. All in all, this is a good way to trick your brain, except for the part where you have to gather every ounce of your power of will and start writing.

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