Choose Marvelous English Essay Topics to Upgrade Your Scores


Need to complete an essay again? We are not surprised. While studying you are expected to complete plenty of essays of different types. As a rule, instructors specify essay topics for you. However, when you are writing a term paper or sometimes just a regular essay you might be asked to choose a topic on your own. Therefore, we have prepared the list with various English essay topics for you. If you need to select a topic quickly, just take one from our list. Also, we’d like to provide you with tips on how to pick the appropriate topic on your own.

How to Choose a Topic in 3 Steps

Step 1

Define the range of your interest. If you take the educational process as a displeasing duty, you’ll definitely have difficulties with studying. First, you should change your attitude towards this process. You never know what can serve you well in the future. We don’t say that the only thing you should do is study. No way! You should meet your friends, have some hobbies, travel – in one word, live fully. Take the education as an opportunity to develop your mind and to make research of life. In case you have the ability to choose a topic on your own, try to select the subject that excites you the most. This will help you to develop skills that you would like to. If you are fond of drawing, choose the topic on art. If you enjoy doing sports, select English essay topics on healthy food or something of this nature. And so on and so forth.

Step 2

Make vast topics more specific. When you decided on an interesting issue for you, let’s make it more specific. What are essay topics that you shouldn’t use? You can’t write about love, or music, or sports in general. You need to make these wide topics more specific. In one essay you should explore only one aspect. For example, if you would like to write about love, you need to define what kind of love you mean. Your essay topic on love can look like this: “The influence of the lack of parental love to the child’s future relationships.” In this essay we are going to write about parental love. Also you can reveal the consequences, reasons, the influence of love, or any other notion.

Step 3

Ask your instructor for help. After you defined the topic, ask your instructor to comment on it. You should find out whether your topic corresponds with the instructors’ expectations about it. It may happen that your teacher will change some words to make your topic sounds scholarly. Also, it would be a great opportunity to ask your instructor to recommend you sources that you can use for a specified topic.

The List With Thought-Provoking English Essay Topics

What are technology essay topics?

  • Do you consider that human cloning must be allowed? Why or why not? If yes, would you like to clone yourself?
  • What is the influence of social media on today’s communication? Do you believe that people became closer to each other with the appearance of social networks?
  • In your opinion, will humanity use robots (for cooking, walking the dog, etc.) in everyday life in the future? What would be the consequences of such a future?

English essay topics with abstract terms:

  • What is your idea of happiness? Do you think that success is equal to happiness? What are factors that effect people the most, and what makes them happy?
  • Do you believe that real friendship between genders exists? Or should we call that feeling as “love?”
  • What do you think bravery is? Have you ever met a really brave person? Would you like to be brave?

Healthy and unhealthy nutrition:

  • What is the main reason for obesity? How to do people deal with this issue? Imagine that you are the representative of a government and suggest your steps that will help to overcome this problem.
  • Should parents who don’t care about their children’s nutrition be punished? What steps should the government take to encourage adults to feed their children with healthy food?
  • According to today’s level of pollution, do people have a chance to eat natural and healthy food? Should people protest against active industrialization near agricultural centers?

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