Coursework Definition and Writing Tips

In order to write coursework by yourself, you need to clearly understand what it is. What is the coursework definition? Coursework is an independent scientific study of a student on a specific topic of the subject.The purpose of writing coursework is the student’s consolidation of the knowledge gained during the educational process of the particular subject.

coursework definition

Thanks to coursework, it is easier for the teacher to check the quality of the knowledge obtained by the student and the ability to apply this knowledge for solving professional problems. Topics of coursework are approved at the relevant department, are brought to the attention of students, and they usually choose the topic they like.

All coursework should contain:

  • Title page

  • Introduction

  • Main part

  • Practical part

  • Conclusion

  • Bibliography

  • Application

What is the coursework meaning in a student’s life? How can you write coursework on your own? How to write coursework correctly? Read the step by step instructions further.

  • Step 1. The first thing you need to do after getting the topic of your coursework is to find and study the material on the topic. It may seem that there is nothing difficult about finding sources of the subject matter for writing coursework. It is simple: use libraries and the Internet. But how may a student find modern textbooks, theses, and articles in journals on the topic of coursework he or she is writing? You should use electronic databases, specialized sites and previous works on the topic.

  • Step 2. Next, you need to compose the plan of coursework and coordinate it with your supervisor. It should be no less than two chapters in the paper. In each chapter, a paper should have two to three paragraphs. Keep in mind that the topic should be widely disclosed. The plan should contain the main points on the topic. As a rule, the plan of coursework is compiled jointly with the supervisor. Once you have chosen the topic of your paper, go to your supervisor and ask for help in drafting the plan. The main thing is to ask for help in advance, while the professor is not loaded with checking plans of other students.

  • Step 3. Write an introduction. In the introduction to the coursework, the relevance of the problem, the degree of its development, and the methods of research are indicated. We remind you that the introduction and conclusion in their entire form are compiled on the basis of the already finished coursework. It’s not a secret that when checking coursework, the teacher focuses his or her attention on the competent writing of the introduction. It is considered like a guarantor of high appreciation for the work done. It is possible to fully disclose the theoretical and practical parts by performing it ideally. But forgetting about careful thought over the introduction is a serious mistake, because it reveals the depth of your acquaintance with the topic.

  • Step 4. Write the main part of coursework. The main part of the work should contain two to three chapters, comprehensively revealing the topic of the coursework. Each chapter should be divided into several paragraphs. Each chapter should contain the same number of paragraphs. It is necessary to point out the main theses, each of which must contain an evidential basis. The material must be presented consistently and succinctly so that one question is logically followed by the other. Traditionally, the first section is of a theoretical nature. The author reveals the main methodological points of the project (methods of coursework), previously identified in the introduction. The theoretical and methodological chapter can be compared with a literature review in which a multidimensional analysis of the problem, based on theory, is presented. The considered part of the coursework project is not done without a critical analysis of the research. The main task of the author is to conduct the most complete characterization of the state of the studied issue, to compare and analyze all possible scientific points of view, to determine approaches to the investigation of the outlined problem.

  • Step 5. Focus on the implementation of the practical part. So, for the engineers, this is the drawings made with the help of the program AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc: for mathematicians, the practical part is made with the help of programs Mathcad, Maple, etc .; for accountants, the practical part is an analysis of the financial activities of the enterprise (the 1C program is used and others); and for lawyers, it is the consideration of legal problems, the analysis of judicial practice. The practical part of coursework reflects the depth of mastering the practical skills acquired by the student, his ability to think outside the box, make decisions, and act. It seems to indicate a student’s readiness for future professional activity. When it is written, the learner tries to apply his or her knowledge, analyze the result of his or her actions, invent, create something new, modernize. Here the student is revealed as a brilliant experimenter, virtuoso lawyer, creative manager or successful financier, who demonstrates the facets of his or her skill and personality.

  • Step 6. Write the conclusion (the formulation of brief, but capacious conclusions on the topic). The conclusion of the coursework contains the results of the tasks’ solutions, analyzed and solved in the work, and a description of what contribution your coursework has made to the modern science. The conclusion is the last part of any project, containing judgments, the truth of which is confirmed throughout the writing of the whole work.

  • Step 7. Write the list of sources. The list of sources includes at least 20 different sources, a third of which are electronic resources. The bibliography is generally created in alphabetical order.

  • Step 8. Focus on the crafting of applications. In the application graphic, tabular, illustrative materials of coursework are included. As a rule, applications are not numbered.

  • Step 9. Check the coursework for mistakes, correct shortcomings (if they are identified), and craft the coursework in accordance with requirements and academic standards. In fact, coursework is analyzed at this stage.

  • Step 10. Begin the preparation for the defense of coursework (project): write a short but voluminous abstract, that covers the main issues and problems on the topic.

coursework meaning

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