Definition of Culture Essay

Culture Essay
In everyday life, the term “culture” is used by people quite often in different forms: physical culture, the culture of speech, etc. What does this word mean? For example, how does the culture of behavior differ from spiritual culture? The phrases contain the same word, but they differ in meaning. Let’s figure it out in the culture essay presented below.

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What Is Culture?

Culture is defined as any characteristic manifestation of a group of people reflecting on their language, habits, and religion, including cuisine skills, social developments, music, education, and the arts. There is no boundary or limitation on any component of culture, even a light scratch on stones will tell us about the habits, education, and the arts of a group, being considered parts of culture.

Interactions with other groups, such as getting together to set a goal related to their best interests, can both mix cultures and provide a particular characteristic for that new group. They would mix languages, cuisine habits, music, religion, education, and art. Such interactions can be seen as negotiations, and newborn children can be brought to encourage those manifestations. Some examples can be given when we study the Latin culture in US soil, such as chicano culture as a result of a mix of Mexican culture and USA natives (“Latino/Hispanic Culture in the U.S. InterExchange”).

Every negotiation across cultures brings challenges to overcome. Breaking language barriers is one of them, as well as physical cues and body language; misreading physical signs can lead to confusion and poor negotiation startup (“Negotiation across Cultures”). Actually, cross-cultural interaction is taken from a basic win-win outcome, as instead of beating each other, actions of meeting and greeting must be part of the knowledge when preparing for cross-cultural negotiations.

Cultural differences can impact your negotiations if you don’t review your tactics on physical behavior and eye contact beforehand to get a sign of trustworthiness. It is very important not to use colloquialisms in conversations that can lead to misunderstandings. Every culture has its own way of negotiating and it is up to us to study and research before any meeting.

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