Essay About Love: Dos and Don’ts

Love is one of those subjects everybody knows about, but cannot define. Humankind has been singing, writing poems and painting pictures about love since prehistoric times, and yet we still have little understanding of this complicated feeling. There are so many types of love that you may feel at a loss when you are assigned an essay about love. What do you write about—your personal experience or a beautiful story you’ve heard? Should this be an essay about romantic love, or can you also write about friendship or family relationship boundaries?

how to write essay about love

Defining Love

To start writing your essay on love you need to choose the type of love you would like to describe. This may be every kind of love that you can think of (except erotic, because it doesn’t seem to be suitable for a college essay). Love of your homeland, patriotic feelings, love for art or love for all the people in the world—all of these are different kinds of affection you can write about. The variety is pretty vast, but once you have made a decision you can start your essay.

First of all, you can explain the reason for choosing this particular kind of love. Here are some suggestions for starting your essay about love:

  • I have chosen to describe a feeling of affection between friends, because at this stage of my life it is one of the most prevalent feelings. I have moved away from my parents to study at my dream college and… (here, you describe how you have met your best friend and so on).
  • I will describe love for art because it defined my whole life and made me the person I am now.
  • I decided to describe the patriotic feeling of love for one’s homeland because I have always wanted to understand this phenomenon better.

You can also choose to describe romantic love. Though this seems very trivial and uninteresting, every experience is unique, and it’s more about how you present it than what the situation is. Moreover, you can find a specific aspect about your experience that has been rarely described before. This may be teenage love, long distance relationships, or your personal insights and discoveries about a person who you are currently or have been in love with.

However, what you shouldn’t do in your essay on love is to blame your current or previous partner and criticize him or her. Remember that this is an assignment, not your personal diary. You are welcome to tell about personal experience as soon as you can do it objectively and in a positive way both for your partner and yourself. Also remember that people may feel a little bit confused by the flood of emotions in your writing. If you cannot help putting your genuine feelings into an essay, just cut them off later while proofreading.

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Getting Help

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