FAQ on Essay Draft

Drafting is simply the best thing you can do to write an astonishing essay, yet it requires a lot of concentration and will to succeed. Actually, drafting is simply writing the essay, probably just in a way that is a little bit more messy, and with the intention to fix it later. Here is a collection of the most popular questions on how to do an essay draft.

Essay Draft

Q: How many drafts should I do?

A: Since drafts are not necessary at all (meaning that they are not compulsory), it’s totally up to you on how many drafts you need. Typically, it’s no more than two. If you are preparing something very important or working on a long essay, then you need more drafts before submitting the final variant. You should also remember that the first couple of checks will improve your work (up to five, if we are not talking about lengthy papers, such as theses or dissertations), but further examinations may lead to the point where you will make additional mistakes or delete some good parts of the text.

Q: How long should an essay draft be?

Treat your essay draft as you would treat your essay – as a full-scale work that will be ready for submission after several minor corrections. It is also a good idea to make the draft longer than it is stated in the requirements, so you will be deleting unnecessary passages with no regret.

Q: Then what is the difference between an essay and a draft?

If you have ever heard about free writing techniques, then the easiest explanation will be that a draft is a free writing exercise. You just sit down and note anything that comes to your head, you are not limited by rules, formatting styles, or your professor’s requirements. Actually, making drafts can be fun! You can even draw in the process, or compose a song, or whatever you want to do. The only rule you have is that all of your creative attempts have to be connected to the essay topic, or else you risk creatively procrastinating.

Q: How to do the essay draft?

Well, here’s an unpleasant part: if you are writing about some specific topic you don’t know much about, first you need to do some primary research. However, if the volume of the essay is not supposed to be big and you don’t want to bother yourself with full-scale research, you can just read a lot of articles dedicated to the topic, let them “blend together” in your mind, and start writing your first essay draft.

Q: Where to get help?

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