Free Argumentative Essay on Prenatal Care

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Do You Agree With The Notion That Men Should Also Cover Prenatal Care In Their Insurance Payments?

Health insurance has saved countless lives through its benefits in application. And though this revolutionary idea has accomplished plenty, questions of practicability have emerged from its actions- specifically; “Do you agree with the notion that men should also cover prenatal care in their insurance payments?”

The answer is yes. However, there exists an argument that men should not pay because only women benefit from prenatal care as only women become pregnant. To rebut that belief- women are not the only ones benefited by prenatal care; In Prenatal Care’s definition, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (2012) and MedicineNet, Inc (2011), it can prevent potential health problems during pregnancy as well as promote healthy lifestyles that benefit both the mother and child.

The belief that only women benefit from prenatal care contradicts its’ purpose and definition. Both men and women, have their lives now for reason of their mothers successfully carrying them to term. Now, according to Eunice Kennedy Shirver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (n.d.), prenatal care decreases the risk of pregnancy complications, reduces an infant’s risk for complications, and helps ensure the medications women take are safe. Prenatal care benefits all of humankind – as all of us were once fetuses developing in the womb of our mothers to which prenatal care protects against the possibility of something going wrong during our development.

To say that only women benefit from prenatal care is wrong. Prenatal care helps ensure that humans are born to this world with no defects- the same humans that grow up and become professionals who eventually take care of us when we’re sick, who grow and prepare our food, who teaches and who gives us jobs, etc. Yes, pregnant mothers benefit from it, but so does everyone else. This justifies the fact that men should also cover it in their insurance payments.

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