Healthy Life Essay Exercise: A Key to Living a Full Life

healthy life essay in English

Good health is one of the most indispensable keys to enjoying life to the fullest. By principle, developing habits such as having proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and regular exercise are essential to attain good health. In today’s digital age, where most of us are living sedentary lifestyles and prefer riding automobiles, doing regular exercise is typically forgotten or set aside. It is important to stress the importance of exercise, as it decreases the risk of having diseases, improves brain functioning and mood, and boosts psycho-social well-being.

Firstly, exercise reduces the risk of having diseases. Physical activities, as simple as walking and running, help burn calories, which aids in managing healthy weight (Healthline).
Furthermore, it has also been proven to increase insulin sensitivity, build cardiovascular strength and body structure, lower blood pressure, and minimize the blood’s fat level. In the long run, engaging in these activities reduces the risk of having type 2 diabetes, various cancer types, and cardiovascular diseases. Simply said, exercise serves as a guard against illnesses.

Notably, the mind benefits from exercise as much as the body. Exercise lessens the body’s stress levels. During physical activity, the body also stimulates brain sensitivity to norepinephrine, a hormone that alleviates feelings of depression. Likewise, more endorphins, which ease the perception of pain, are secreted during exercise (Healthline). In short, exercise revitalizes the mind as it helps manage stress and combat depressive moods and pain.

Similarly, exercise boosts a person’s psycho-social well-being. Deciding to take a walk or engage in sports leads to increased possible social connections, beating isolation and negativity (Betterhealth). It could also improve body image and bring pride in accomplishing a specific exercise goal, elevating a person’s self-esteem (Association for Applied Sports Psychology). These psycho-social benefits allow a person to further accomplish worthwhile tasks and effectively build as well as establish meaningful relationships.

Exercise serves as a safeguard against diseases, a booster pill for the mind, and a way to improve one’s psycho-social well-being that enables an individual to experience the joy of living a full life.

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