How to Boost Your Essay Skills by Simple Draft Writing

Have you ever thought about what the difference is between great writers (or painters, or sportsmen) and everyone else? The answer is simple: they just practice a lot. Sometimes, they practice so much that they forget they also have a life to live. We are not saying you should go to such extremes, but it is true that draft writing can dramatically improve your essay skills. We have gathered answers to the most popular questions related to essays and drafts.

How to Boost Your Essay Skills by Simple Draft Writing

Q: What does draft essay mean?

A draft essay is the first variant of your paper. What is good about draft writing is that you can put everything that you think about the matter without filtering your thoughts. At this stage, you can take advantage of the process of pure creativity, so just write whatever comes to your mind.

Q: What does an essay draft look like?

Well, a good essay draft looks like a total mess. Write whatever you want to write, cross out the unnecessary parts, draw, use different colored pens…all these things will help to make your mind go creative. It’s true that the hardest part in writing is the start, but once you have managed to start, writer’s block can occur at every stage. And in this case, draft writing is the perfect medicine to this problem.

Q: What is an essay draft for college?

Usually, essay drafts for college aren’t very different from other essay drafts. However, if you are writing an argumentative essay, your draft needs to be structured. Yes, that sounds contradictory to everything stated before, but take it from us, it will be way easier to navigate through ideas if you divide them into paragraphs and give a subheading to each of them (here you can check how should an essay outline look like).

Q: How many drafts should I write?

This depends in the importance of the work, the time you have and the will to reach perfection. If you are writing a quick essay or an answer at a test, obviously you don’t have much time for draft writing. However, if you are preparing a speech or a scholarship essay, which both have to be impressive, it’s better to work on them and write at least two to three drafts.

Q: How long should a first draft essay be?

Keeping in mind the fact that you will cut your draft significantly (usually from 30 to 50%), your initial draft should be at least twice as long as the required essay length. First of all, this will allow you to cut freely, without fearing that you will delete too much, so that you don’t have to write the essay again. And secondly, if you are not a professional writer, you can’t even imagine how many fillers you will most likely insert in your first draft. So make it long to have some space to cut and mend.

Q: Where can I get help?

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