How to Navigate Difficult Topics: An Essay on Racism

Essays on highly controversial and emotional topics, such as racism, are always the hardest ones to write. First of all, you need to decide on your point of view and prove it throughout your essay. Secondly, you have to be very academic while writing an essay on racism in order to avoid offending someone’s feelings. However hard this task may seem at first, nothing is impossible, and we are here to lead you through the path of writing on political and social issues. But before check out what everyone must know about writing a racism essay.

How to Write Essay about Racism

At first, it may seem that everything on racism has already been said and written. Great thinkers of past and present have proven that human abilities aren’t dependent on race. With the advancement of the technologies of the Internet, more and more people support this movement, and there’s actually nothing new that can be said here, so what are you supposed to write about? Repeating the same stuff about how character traits and brain abilities have nothing to do with ethnicity and race is boring, since everyone knows it (except for racists, but we don’t know how to convince them). But actually, there are new things about this issue that can make your essay on racism interesting and engaging.

As any social concept, racism is changing alongside the society. Because of this, you can easily find an interesting aspect that has emerged recently and describe it in your essay. For example, “reverse racism” is a controversial new concept used to describe the situations when members of ethnic minorities are provided with better conditions and job opportunities regardless of their actual qualification just because the company has certain quotas on the number of people from minorities defined by the state.

Dos and Don’ts

As a highly controversial and emotional topic, racism usually ignites a hot discussion, if not to say even a quarrel. However, if you tackle it skilfully, you will end with a killer essay on racism, posted on your university’s website as an example of a great academic paper. Here is a short list of what to include in your paper and what to avoid:


  • You shouldn’t be emotional. We know this is hard, especially if you have ever been subjected to racial discrimination. But this is actually your chance to show how educated, firm and calm you are about the matter, which is an ultimate weapon against all ill-wishers.
  • You shouldn’t try to force the world to change. There are people that will think differently, and some of them are not that tactful to keep their thoughts inside or express them in a non-offensive way. However, you cannot make everyone think as you do, so controversies are inevitable.
  • Don’t blame anyone. Again, this is easier said than done, but if you end your essay saying that major ethnic groups are bad, this won’t have any good effect on your readers. The best way how to end an essay about racism is to provoke the reader’s thoughts and opinions. By doing this, you show everyone that you have a point of view which you are quite certain about, but you are open to other thoughts as well.


  • Tell a true story (if the essay is descriptive). Stories about your own experience work like magic when it comes to essay writing. First of all, we all naturally like reading about people more than facts (this is why gossip about celebrities is so popular). By telling your own story, you will instantly make the paper way more interesting and engaging. However, the tricky thing here is to avoid strong emotions. If you cannot help but be angry at those who have discriminated against you, it’s better to delete this part or thoroughly proofread it after a while.
  • Rely on facts (for an argumentative paper). You will probably eventually gain a PhD in social sciences, and will form trends and public opinions later, but now you have to cite famous scientists that have written something related to the topic. Some students think that this prevents them from expressing their point of view, which is not quite true. Feel free to say what you think. References to other scientific sources just show that you didn’t invent it on your own (and it’s obvious you didn’t, since you had to read about the existing theories at the very least).
  • Conclude in a smart way. The ending of your essay is one of the most important parts of it, so knowing how to conclude an essay about racism can act like a magical trick on your readers. The best way to end such a paper is to end it with some kind of rhetorical question to make your readers rethink the matter and question their own behavior and beliefs.

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