How to Use a Film Review Template in Your Own Writing

Whether you are a movie mania or can’t remember the name of most world-famous actors, when the buzz around the Oscar starts it’s hard to resist seeing a movie or two and writing your opinion on it. Maybe you teacher decided to embrace a more creative approach, or you are doing this out of sheer fun – whatever your reason is, you definitely will need a good movie review template.

movie review template

Why I Need a Film Review Template

If you need help writing a review, this implies that you have little or no experience with this type of assignment. And though reading a dozen articles with advice can help, having a quality template in front of your eyes while you are working on your paper is way more helpful. Here are just a few ideas on how you can use a good movie review template:

  • during the first watching of the film to find out things to focus on

  • as an outline for your own paper

  • an example of structuring and formatting

  • an example of the language that should be used while describing scenes and characters

  • a source of inspiration and a tool against writer’s block

And there are many, many more – the only limitations are, in fact, imposed by your imagination and nothing more.

How to Write a Movie Review Template

Now it’s time to create your own review template. First of all, when you finish writing you will have a completed movie review that needs slight polishing. Secondly, you can use it in case you need to write more reviews or help your friends. So, here’s the plan:

  1. Watch the movie for the first time, while taking notes. Write everything that comes to your head, including funny comments – later they can make a great hook for your review.

  2. Check out the sample film review template. For good reviews, go to websites of renowned magazines and newspapers or reputed websites with writing advice. All in all, you will notice when you find a well-written review.

  3. Create a brief outline of the factors mentioned in the film review template you’ve found. Mainly they are: plot, setting, characters, special effects, filming techniques and soundtrack.

  4. Re-watch the movie a second time, while paying more attention to the details you’ve listed in the outline. If you are typing, you can write on different pages or use different font colors. At first you can write everything in a a single creativity flow, and this will help you differentiate the content later.

  5. Restructure your paper and put everything in order. (Note – if you are writing a template for the sake of a template, you are done at this stage.)

  6. Proofread the review and submit it.

film review template

Some More Useful Advice

Now you have a general plan to follow. Before you start, check out this short list of advice and observations on review writing.

  • Try to stay as academic as possible. Even if you are not writing your review as an assignment, you still don’t want to be perceived poorly at the website you are posting your review. Moreover, we believe that you’ve seen reviews that state, “Well, this is just horrible,” without any further explanations. They are annoying, aren’t they? So, try to stay away from harsh judgmental language.

  • It’s okay to express your opinion, but remember you need a back-up. It’s okay to dislike an indie film praised by the critics and 90% of the people who decided to write comments. Remember, however, that you need a back-up to prove your point – refer to the scenes, phrases and plot twists to make your review more substantial.

  • If you are out of ideas on what to write about or you don’t like your review, try an opposite approach – write 10 things you hated about the movie you actually adore or vice versa. This will be tough at the first time, but you will be amazed at the results of your creative struggles. And, we hope, your professor will be amazed, too.

Help in Emergencies

Sometimes you are too tired or stressed to even watch a movie, not to mention creating a decent review on it. Don’t worry, we are here to help you! We know that college life can be stressful beyond measure even without assignments, and the tasks just add a completely new level of suffering for the students. So, what do you need to do to get a great review created by one of our experienced authors?

  1. Fill in a short order form.

  2. Specify the details of your review.

  3. Wait.

  4. Print out the finished paper sent by the writer.

In case you have any questions during the writing process, you can ask them using the chat at your personal page. You can also track the writing process online and contact our support team in case you have some issues regarding your account and payment information. Though we can’t make college completely stressless for you, we at least can reduce the severity of it, and that’s something, right?