Medical School Essay Example: Becoming a Surgeon

Medical School Essay Example

If you have realized that medicine is the best possible future and you want to apply for the best medical school, you should create an exceptional personal statement to distinguish yourself from other applicants. A personal statement will play a great role in the application process, especially if the admission committee will need to decide upon two candidates with similar levels. One of our writers has written a medical school essay example in order to help you to write one of the best personal statements. All you need is to read it carefully, highlight the most interesting parts, and add it to your own paper.

How can you stand out from the crowd? The answer is by creating an impressive personal statement. Give a clear picture of your individuality and your image as a medical professional. Your personal statement should make the committee want to meet you after they finish reading your writing.

The kinds of writing that require you to write about yourself may be the hardest. With reading medical school personal statement examples you can find more ideas that you can describe in your own personal statement.

Medical School Essay Example

I don’t remember what I wanted to become when I was a child. More precisely, I’ve changed my mind so many times. Sometimes I wanted to be an actress, then a nurse, then a teacher. Of course, it was very easy to influence my desire to become one or another specialist. Reading the books, I sometimes woke up with a desire to serve in the armed forces, to serve my country. This desire wasn’t lost, but I’ve found another field with which to apply my abilities.

Once I really wanted to be a psychologist. I thought that it was exactly what I would like to do. It’s so great to help people. I knew perfectly well how sometimes someone needs attention, a desire to listen to you, an explanation of what you were wrong in, and how you can fix everything. The desire to become a psychologist captivated me so much that my decision to enter a psychology faculty seemed solid. I have learned that to increase chances of entering a university, I need to have A-level skills in biology, chemistry, and physics. All these subjects I liked. Especially I liked biology and studying the inner and outer structure of the human being. It was the passion for biology that influenced the path of my future choice.

Undoubtedly, any specialist, one way or another, helps people. Some cure the soul. Therefore, it is not easy to make a choice. So, my future profession changed to a surgeon.

Defining my future profession is a very important stage in my life. This decision determines my life in the future. I’m sure that no one wants to get up every day, study, and then work, if you do something you do not like. My choice is well thought out.

My parents’ opinions on this issue have divided. My father believes that I will succeed, and my mother often tells me that I was late, that I had to receive a premed major. Of course, I missed this year, but in the next I’ll catch up. I can not go to another school, but it is in my power to study more intensively, paying more attention to the profiling subjects that will be needed when entering a university. But my decision to become a surgeon is fully realized. We have often discussed with my mother about the choice of my profession. She believes that surgery is not an area in which I can apply myself. I, on the other hand, am determined to enter the medical school and I will not give up until I achieve my goal.

Every area of medicine plays a great role in our lives. It attracts many people, and the competition in medical universities is very large, but few people choose such specialty as a surgeon, because it is very difficult both physically and psychologically. Specialists of this field will always be in demand, as without them it is impossible to imagine a hospital or clinic.

Movies have had, and still have, a great influence on my choice. For example, some impactful movies are “Anesthesia”; “Dr. House”; “Grey’s Anatomy”; and “Pathology.” But most of all I’m impressed with the film by Miloš Forman ,”One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Mostly, films show the lines of love and profession following each other very closely, but even closer are the relationships between the patient and the doctor or health care worker.

Surgeons correct sprains, “repair” fractures, remove tumors, cut out appendicitis, and perform many other operations, depending on their specialization. The result of their work is real and understandable. I want to see the result of my work, feel what I need, and that my actions and work can help someone. Of course, I understand how hard I have to work. First is the successful completion of final tests. Then entering the university. Then follow six years of intensive study, and the passage of practice from the second and to the sixth course together with a large volume of theoretical material. But the graduation is not the final stage. I need a postgraduate education, because I believe that this is not enough to be a good surgeon.

Next, of course, there will be work and a lot of experience. Any operation is a matter of a large team: a surgeon, two of his assistants, a nurse and an anesthesiologist. Therefore, the work of the surgeon requires not only restraint, composure, and excellent knowledge of his work, but also the ability to work in a team. Being a good surgeon is not easy. Moreover, this work is very difficult psychologically. After all, it happens that patients sometimes die. But the feeling that others need you comes to the rescue. Any patient needs a doctor who is confident in his abilities, confident that he will be able to help.

The surgeon always tries to fight death to the last. He gives a particular person one more chance, and gives life. It would seem that a person will not die if his leg is broken. Yes, everything will pass, he will heal. And you imagine how this trauma can affect someone’s life, for example, the life of a professional skater. Of course, everyone has injuries, but someone’s marvelous pair of hands helped him, and he can ride again. And if the help has not been rendered, we could not have known how the skater’s life would have developed in future.

The surgeon works without regretting himself. He gives everything to help others. The surgeon does this in order to just help a person, not for the sake of self-interest.

Each doctor studies throughout life, improves skills, and receives all new knowledge: about modern methods of treatment, use of new equipment, and new medicines.

A good doctor should be brave. The doctor should be able to make quick decisions and not be afraid to take responsibility for this decision. If a person urgently needs help, it is necessary to make maximum efforts to do everything, so that the person can survive and recover.

I have a burning desire to help people, to give life, joy. That’s why I decided to become a surgeon, because I know that there are always not enough good specialists. I would like to work in a hospital where I will have the opportunity of professional growth, the opportunity to cooperate with other, more experienced surgeons, where my help will be needed, and it will not be in vain. The main thing is that my dream will come true and benefit others. It’s great when dreams come true, and our desires and dreams coincide with opportunities. My future profession is a surgeon, and I’m proud of my choice.

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