Reflective Essay on English Class

 reflection on English class essay

English Class Reflective Essay

“Are you armed to conquer the world?” This was the challenging question declared by our professor on the first day of our English class. Of course, he wasn’t referring to our capability to lead an uprising that would initiate world dominance. Our professor was asserting his belief that with proficiency in the English language we will be more equipped to penetrate the global market and excel in our chosen field. He said that a growing number of multinational companies are adopting English as their preferred mode of communication, so it is up to us to ensure that we are up to the challenge. And I can’t help but agree with him.

My professor made me realize that mastery of English is essential especially if I want to work in a multinational company. His assertions strengthened my belief that English will empower me to be a more effective communicator especially in roles that require collaboration with international colleagues. And I believe that honing my expertise in this language is even more relevant now as statistics confirm the prevalence of English as a global language. Statista cites that there are around 372 million English-speaking people around the world outside of native English countries. Additionally, The Telegraph estimates at least 48 countries wherein almost half of the population speaks English.

Thus, cognizant of the value of English as a powerful communication tool, I took to heart my professor’s challenge to be equipped to conquer the world. I was resolute in my commitment to master the language, because I know that with it comes the diversity of career options that I can explore. Whether I decide on a corporate job or explore a career in writing, English proficiency will empower me to make a mark in the global arena.

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