Renaissance Essay: Why the Renaissance Developed in Italy

renaissance essay

Usually, when we speak about a renaissance, we typically consider Italy. In this Renaissance essay, one of our authors will discuss the reasons why Italy had become the center of a renaissance. If you were assigned to write an essay on Renaissance period, here you can find some ideas and resources that might be helpful. Be aware that copying this text or its parts without proper citation may get you into big trouble. Submitting this text to your tutor as your own work may be considered plagiarism. On our website blog, you may find many more paper samples on various topics.

Why Did the Renaissance Develop in Italy?

The issue of development is a longstanding battle between the classical and modern period. These changes proliferate the different disciplines like the arts, literature, and culture. One of the biggest examples of these changes took place in the Italian Renaissance.

According to Fasolt, the Renaissance is a period of rebirth (663). It can be rooted in Italy back to 1300-1500 as a result of various catastrophic struggles. Italy’s rich history makes it the perfect place of development. This period tries to reimagine the classical era of ideas and discovery. In connection, there are four justifications that explain why the Renaissance began in Italy. Basically, it involves factors like geographical, political, and ancient scholars’ influences, as well as the decision-making of the church. Firstly, the geographical justification of it is because Italy is located near the Mediterranean Sea. The city served as a place for the trading of goods across the world. Secondly, the authority to govern the state had been the outcry of many families during this time. As a result, it allowed merchant families to gain power from elites and lead each city-state (Jurdjevic 245). Thirdly, the works of Roman and Greek scholars drew up attention to the academe, Italian scholarship, and specialized works (Jurdjevic 195). Lastly, the concentration of power, wealth, and intellect pushes it to be the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Overall, the period of the Italian Renaissance is a clear depiction of evolution that continues to affect our society today. In conclusion, the contribution many critical factors had to the different aspects of Italian society were what brought about the need for societal growth. The proliferation of arts, literature, and culture were a direct result of the Renaissance.

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