Research Paper Citation Made Easy

If you have ever submitted even a one-page essay, you know that citing and quoting is the quicksand of academic paper writing, which has buried a lot of A’s and B’s of desperate students. It’s hard to rely on thoughts of other people and not plagiarize them at the same time. How can you mention an idea of other scientists without using the words he or she used to express it? This can be really frustrating, but don’t worry, as we are here to shed some light on research paper citation and how it should be done.

research paper citation

We believe you have a couple of questions regarding academic writing and citing, and we are ready to answer them.

Q: Why, just why-y?!

Well, yes, when you enter college and realms of science, you need to be ready to ask this question a lot. Sometimes it may seem like you are doing completely and utterly irrelevant work for example, writing this research paper at all. Well, joking aside, paraphrasing, quoting and citing takes such a significant part of any research paper because of two main reasons:

  • It’s important to show that you didn’t just make the facts out of thin air.

  • It will be easier for your readers to find the source if they are interested in reading the full research.

So, next time you are going to ask, “Do research paper need citations?” just skip this part and go straight to adding citations.

Q: Is there any difference between citations and quotations?

Here we agree with you: this part is needlessly confusing, and a lot of students end up losing valuable points because they couldn’t figure out the difference.

Quoting means taking a part of text from the original source and putting it in your text with quotation marks and a reference to the original source with the page number. You don’t change anything, like replacing words, using synonyms and so on. All you can do is make the quote shorter by inserting an ellipsis. When you run a plagiarism checker, quoited parts will be highlighted as plagiarized and that’s totally okay.

Note: Quoted text shouldn’t take up more than 10% of the paper volume.

Citing means retelling someone else’s ideas with your own words. This is where the tricky part starts: simply changing a few words and leaving the last part of the text the same won’t do the trick. Actually, this will be considered as plagiarism. What you need to do is retell the ideas from the original source using your own words. Of course, you can use specific terms and phrases to describe concepts introduced by the researcher, but you are not allowed to copy the text.

You also should put a reference to the source at the end of the sentence, but here the page number isn’t necessary.

what are research paper citation

Q: Do research papers need embedded citations?

First of all, let’s determine what an embedded link is. An embedded link is often called an invisible link – it’s those tiny figures you see above the text line in Wikipedia. If you click on them, you are automatically sent the source of the quite. Since your essay is not an online paper, and your professor didn’t state specifically that he or she wanted embedded links, this also may refer to footnotes. A footnote is a tiny number at the end of the sentence you are citing showing the work this sentence was taken from. The information a footnote showcases is located at the bottom of the page, separated from the main text by a line.

Note: Not every academic style uses footnotes and embedded links. While they are a must in Turabian and Chicago, if not stated otherwise, you don’t need to include them in APA and MLA. Once again, make sure you ask your professor for specific recommendations, and, if there are none, format your paper according to standards found on the official websites of the institutions.

Q: Do research papers use MLA or APA?

There’s a common misconception that a research paper or an essay should follow one universally acknowledged academic format. Unless you are writing for an international summit of scientists, you have plenty of formats to choose from. It’s worth nothing that MLA is the most popular format, but it is not the only one. Check the instructions from your professor to make sure, so you won’t end up doing double the work reformatting your paper.

Q: Can I get help with this?

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