Sample Essay ‘Why Education Is So Important’

“Money spent on the brain is never spent in vain.”

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Education begins with curiosity. To kill a man’s curiosity would mean to deprive the person from the possibility of becoming educated. Curiosity is an unquenchable desire to explore the world. We can turn our eyes wherever we go: to the sky, or deep into the matter, to the atoms and photons; to the infinite variety of the natural environment or the striking structure of the human body; to reverse the history of the universe, the earth, the human society; or in the future, to what will happen with our planets, our forms of life, and our perception of ourselves. But no matter what it is, we always ponder two important points: what the facts are and why they exist.

From the moment of birth, humans always have to learn something. First, a human learns how to walk, eat, talk, read books, draw and play games. Then the human goes to kindergarten, where he or she learns to play and interact with other children. Then, another stage in the learning process begins – going to a school in which the necessary knowledge in basic subjects will be received. After school – college or university begins, where specialized skills will be obtained that help in future profession.

These necessary parts of human education should be used by every person living on this earth. Each person that wants to be successful in the future, have possibilities to support their families and to plan revenues and expenditures should pass these stages of self-improvement. Surely, we have examples in history that some people became successful without university, but that doesn’t mean that those people skipped learning.

Besides the educational institutions, a human that wants to succeed in life, to be happy and fully enjoy it, must continually receive additional skills and knowledge, and constantly improve. Some knowledge may lose its importance, or the person may forget what was learned before. [1] Besides, life is not static, it changes all the time: improved technologies, science and newly growing companies are examples. Culture and education are constantly raising your level. Therefore, in order to keep up with the outside world, you need to constantly improve yourself and receive additional education.

But what can be done on the way of gaining more skills, when a person needs to work and do their household chores?[2] First of all, you need to understand that without more knowledge, it is impossible to achieve anything more than you have now. You have to keep asking yourself questions. “What do I want to achieve in life?” “Who do I want to be?” “What do I need to do?” Answers will help you in determining the choice. In the beginning, a businessman may be advised to increase knowledge in the field of economics, finance, information technology or marketing. [3] A software engineer may need to study an additional programming language, learning new programs and modern information technologies, etc.

Your future success totally depends on your knowledge and energy that you spend on gaining new information. That’s why you should always find time for reading something new and becoming more confident, intelligent and up-to-date with the modern world.

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