Technological Progress Essay on Smart Phones

technological progress essay

What Intrigues You?

Humankind has been endowed with the intriguing ability to explore the world. This intuition has made them capable of achieving advancements in science, technology, and other numerous aspects of life. The speed of progress in science and technology has always been random, and many factors have affected its progress. Science and technology are interrelated; advancement in the field of science has led to progress in the field of technology as well. The sharp ratio of improvement in science has paved the path of development for technology.

This ever increasing progress of science and technology intrigues me, particularly smartphones. The smartphone, being the latest innovation of humankind, has become an innate element of an individual’s existence. The smartphone merges diverse complicated features. It permits clients to take and share photographs and recollections, store private information, communicate, and process physical location and economic data in a single place. Smart phones have also developed into an essential component of current telecommunications services. In a few areas of the globe, they are trustworthy and the only accessible handsets. The mobile phones permit inhabitants to keep uninterrupted communication devoid of any disturbance of their activities and distances.

Cellular phone technology is an input for keeping in contact in the current times. Mobile phones are not merely utilized for contact, but also for arranging timetables, jotting down comments, playing songs, recording sports events, examining the weather conditions, and other additional features. Mobile phones have progressed long distance calls, making it a lot more economical for people around the globe. Call logs are also helpful in court cases where they can be used as evidence. It enhances security, conveys education, improves transparency, and ends bribery, fortifying democratic systems and offering the right of entry to the marketplace, while rivals see a variety of fitness dangers and environmental effluence.

However, while this small gadget has so much to offer, every silver cloud has a dark lining. They are destructive as well, especially considering the consequences of electromagnetic waves on the brain, and the effect of handling the devices on individuals’ upper body parts, neck, and backbone.

Humans are merely celestial beings by discretion of the endowments of technology and science. This advancement in the domain of IT includes advanced thoughts, a valid way to approach the world, and a chance to investigate the ambiguity in different things. IT is an intriguing field, and smartphones are the most exciting gifts of it to the modern world.

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