The Killing Argument: How to Write an Essay on Gun Control

With the increasing number of mass shootings, an essay on gun control is becoming one of the most popular topics. However, since this topic is charged emotionally, it can be a difficult task to write a decent essay. These simple tips may help you to shape your opinion into the form of a great essay.

Essay on Gun Control

How to Write an Essay on Gun Control

Obviously, an essay dealing with gun control issues will be an argumentative essay, so you can write it as any other argumentative essay. But keep in mind these details to make your paper even better:

  • You need to have a firm opinion. On controversial topics like this one, having a rigid and firm opinion is rather a benefit. It will be hard to prove your point if you don’t actually mind whether there’s any gun control or not. So, you need to take your time and find out what your own opinions are to defend them in your essay.
  • Erase your emotions. Topics on controversial social tendencies or occurrences often cause a lot of emotional reactions. Writing an essay filled with emotions isn’t a bad idea, but handing it in without proofreading it also isn’t a good idea. Actually, a sprinkle of emotions may even be good to make your future readers relate with your ideas more, but use this method in your argumentative essay only if you are REALLY good at it and have an incredible literary sense, or else you risk spoiling everything.
  • Don’t forget about the hook. If you have been wondering “how to start an essay on gun control,” then a hook is your answer. What is it? It’s a catchy phrase that makes your reader engaged and interested in further reading. Don’t worry if you can’t come up with a perfect idea from the first time, because a hook is like an advertising slogan – it has to be very short, informative and attention grabbing. Try several different variants and ask someone with good literary taste to help you pick up the best idea.
  • Prove your opinion. Okay, this is an argumentative essay, which means you have to argue with your imaginary opponents. Unfortunately, there won’t be such fun things as a pillow fight, but you can effectively defeat your opponents with your arguments. So, you make a claim, which is your biggest pillow to throw at your counterpart. And while your opponents become baffled and try to gather themselves, you throw smaller cushions, which are a series of supporting facts and quotations. Now your opponent is defeated.

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