These Sports Essay Topics Will Be a Starting Point in Your Writing

Sports Essay Topics

We decided to gather these sports essay topics, and we are going to explain why. Since childhood, we have regularly heard phrases about the benefits and the need for sports. We are convinced that a healthy mind can live exclusively in a healthy body and that a sport is a real cure for degradation, as well as a means for fighting against alcoholism and drug addiction.

We reaffirm the importance of sports and agree with these statements, since they actually contain strong reasoning. But what good can be found in the sport if we avoid these phrases and try to analyze the situation deeper? Why are sports so important, and how are they able to change life for the better? Why do you need to play sports? What role do they play in the daily life of a person?

If these questions bother you or you need to write a paper on a sport and need to find a topic related to these questions, check out our sports-related argumentative essay topics. They will help you to get a great idea for a quality paper. Thanks to these topics, you will be able to write papers that your teacher will appreciate.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should gambling in sports be legal?
  2. Is a youth sports program important in school?
  3. What are the difficulties of people who identify as transgender in sports?
  4. What are the roles and contributions of organizations such as the YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, New York Athletic Club, and the AAU in the history of American sports?
  5. What is gender inequality in sports?
  6. What is the Los Angeles Lakers’ secret of success?
  7. Why is Lebron James one of the best athletes?
  8. Should sports and politics be kept separate?
  9. How does hazing vary across gender and sport?
  10. What is being done to address traumatic brain injuries in youth sports?
  11. Should sports be mandatory?
  12. What is your experience with sports?
  13. What is the national sport of Greece?
  14. Is cheerleading a sport?
  15. How has globalization in sports affected the country of Australia?
  16. How has the globalization of sports affected Brazil?
  17. What impact does social media marketing have on sports and brands?
  18. How does hazing vary across gender and sport?
  19. How can genetic engineering revolutionize sports?
  20. How can we use social theories to evaluate kids’ sports?
  21. Why do teenagers need to engage in some physical activity or sport?
  22. How does cash flow impact a sports organization?
  23. What is hawk-eye technology in sport?
  24. Does participation in sports keep teens out of trouble?
  25. Why should teens play competitive sports?
  26. How has globalization in sports affected the Netherlands?
  27. What is the influence of kinesiology tape on the performance of elite athletes?
  28. What is the gay sports development program in Pakistan?
  29. What are the critical insights into contemporary sports?
  30. Should children be allowed to play contact sports? What are some factors that will affect your decision?
  31. What do sports tell us about society?
  32. Why do I love volleyball?

Sports Management Essay Topics

1. What is the aspect of sports management and humor?
2. How are a sporting event and facility management connected?
3. How can you manage your sports activity using sports apps?
4. What are the features of a great sponsorship proposal for a sports organization?
5. Treatment and management of e-sports.
6. How can sports therapy be managed?
7. Detail the time management of a gymnast.
8. How should sports be managed in school?
9. How should you manage exercise nutrition?
10. Detail the management of technology in sports.

Sports Law Essay Topics

1. Why are steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs illegal in most sports?
2. Should betting in sports be illegal in the US? Why or why not?
3. Should athletes be banned from their sport for commuting felonies?
4. Should doping in the sports community be legal?
5. Should e-sports be illegal?
6. What laws are implemented in the sports booking system?
7. What role does law play in setting the conversation about athletes and activism?
8. What law should be implemented to prevent violence in sports?
9. How does law affect sports?
10. The regulation and law of safety and deviance in sports.

Sports Psychology Extended Essay Topics

1. What is exercise psychology?
2. How should you change your behavior to be a better coach?
3. What is the connection of body image with participation in physical activities?
4. What are the effects of exercise on psychological function?
5. How and why does race/ethnicity affect participation in sports?
6. How do gender differences affect participation in sports?
7. How is adolescent development influenced by participation in sports?
8. How does emotion affect performance in sports?
9. How can sports teams become a model for real-life teams?
10. What is the role of parents and coaches in youth sports experiences?
11. How do hip-hop culture influence sports?

Sports Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

1. Compare women’s sports issues in Serbia and in France.
2. Compare the number of children participating in sports and other physical activities 10 years ago and now.
3. Why is the UFC a more entertaining and better sport than boxing? Compare and contrast.
4. Compare recruiting and retaining women and men in local Australian sports clubs.
5. Are academics and sports of equal importance? Compare and contrast.
6. Compare the relationship between Muscular Christianity and sports 10 years ago and now.
7. Compare the sociology of sports and leisure.
8. Compare sexual and domestic violence in sports.
9. What are the differences in achievements in culture and sports?
10. Compare participation in dances and figure skating.

Sports Medicine Essay Topics

1. Detail the concussions in sports, what they cause, and what we should be doing better to prevent them.
2. Traumatic brain injuries in youth sports.
3. What are the methods of detection of anabolic steroids in sports?
4. How can we prevent professional athletes from getting concussions?
5. What are the functional foods for sporting performances (drinks, protein)?
6. How do sports affect health and character?
7. How does violence in sports affect health?
8. What is the efficacy of static stretching for health?
9. How can a sport fix a person’s health?
10. How does enjoyment in a sport affect mental health?

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