Use These Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Your Writing

compare and contrast topics

These compare and contrast essay topics will be helpful to all students. They are divided into groups so that you can find the required topic faster. Also, we broaden the topics in order to make you understand how to start writing your paper. Choose one of the following topics and you will be a step closer to writing a quality paper.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Compare Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan
    At the very beginning of the presidential race, those who liked Donald Trump compared him to Ronald Reagan. Nowadays discussions around the topic “Trump is Reagan today” are not weakened, and even intensified. Are the 40th and 45th US presidents really similar in their actions and their politics?
  2. Compare Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
    As the statistics show, applications are now at times more popular than the mobile web, and users spend a lot of their time in social networking applications. Every day there are 3.2 billion interactions on Facebook, 1.5 billion tweets, and 70 million photos uploaded to Instagram. What are similarities and differences of these applications?
  3. Compare Samsung and Apple
    Consumers have noticed for a long time the competition between the products of the two leaders in the global consumer electronics and technology market – Apple and Samsung. It is not surprising, because both Apple and the Korean giant produce high-quality, functional products, which definitely deserve to be in the leading position in the ratings according to buyers.
  4. Compare extroverts and introverts
    It is convenient for perception to divide people into two groups in order to understand the peculiarities of their characters. Recently, in the web, we can often find materials about introverts and extroverts (well, mostly about extroverts). So why has the topic of introverts and extroverts now suddenly become so popular?
  5. Compare Cambridge and Oxford
    Although Oxford and Cambridge have been competing with each other for over 800 years, they have much in common. Both are divided into colleges, in both the system of mentoring is applied – and, of course, both are surrounded by centuries-old traditions, stories, and stereotypes. Universities can be proud of their excellent international reputation.
  6. Compare paper books and ebooks
    Scientists have proven that the texts on gadgets are read longer, but are understood and remembered less. Fans of electronic gadgets claim that paper books are a thing of the past, like clay tablets, parchment, birch bark letters, and nodular writing, which have disappeared. Indeed, there is a feeling that libraries are becoming an anachronism.

Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Compare state universities with private universities
    Experts predict that in the next couple of years, up to 35 percent of private universities will disappear from the educational market. However, those that survive will make serious competition to state universities. If private universities want to attract students, it is necessary to develop themselves dynamically.
  2. Compare traditional learning with online learning
    Online learning and traditional learning are two different types of learning. They both satisfy the standards of quality education and learning. In both cases you will have a teacher and you will take notes during the lessons and exams. Online education is usually for independent students. You have no classmates, as it is only you and the teacher.
  3. Compare “The Lord of the Rings” with “Harry Potter”
    Tolkien created Middle-earth as a means of demonstrating his love for languages, and Rowling paid more attention to the development of her characters. Tolkien and Rowling are very different writers, and they wrote at different times. This is similar to the comparison of apples and oranges. But don’t you like to compare apples with oranges?
  4. Compare Catholic and Orthodox churches
    First of all, Catholics are also Christians. Christianity is divided into three main areas: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. But there is no single Protestant church (there are several thousand Protestant denominations in the world), and the Orthodox Church includes several independent churches.
  5. Compare Darwinism with Creationism
    Darwin helped us to return to the truth, well-known to the Fathers of the Church, but forgotten by our contemporaries: the authority of the Bible does not depend on our ability to bring what was said in it to harmony with modern scientific achievements. We should not be upset if we can’t connect the Bible with the latest discoveries of scientists.

Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Compare dishwashing by hand and in the dishwasher
    Washing dishes by hand or using a dishwasher is a choice that modern households often make. Hand washing takes more time for the individual, while a dishwasher can give more time for cooking. Hand washing cannot always produce cleaner dishes. We found that when washing by hands and in dishwashers, it is the same in terms of energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but differs in water intensity.
  2. Compare cats and dogs
    The origins of the physiological differences between a cat and a dog can be traced to their origin and method of hunting. All these signs are preserved in domestic animals, so for the correct maintenance, it is necessary to know the basic physiological characteristics of dogs and cats. In the course of evolution, the cat became an ambush predator, and the dog a pursuing animal.
  3. Compare traditional photos with selfies
    If you have an Instagram account, then you are probably at least somewhat interested in mobile photography: which new smartphones have come out, which of them have better cameras, and which new applications for editing portraits have appeared. People began to capture themselves long before the word “selfie” appeared and the invention of cameras in smartphones.
  4. Compare living in the countryside or in a big city
    Should you live in the city or keep your farm in the village? This question is an eternal topic of debates. Villagers seek to settle in the city, even if they need to pay up to 60% of the salary for an apartment. Residents of cities do not understand how you could leave the village, where you have a big house and organic products.
  5. Compare the importance of sleep vs food
    Suppose you decided not to eat, and you persistently starve yourself throughout the week. How would you feel after seven days? You would probably be hungry, weaker, and almost certainly lose weight. But, in general, you would be fine! Now, let’s say you have deprived yourself for a week of sleep. After a few days, you would be absolutely incapable of existing.
  6. Compare giving presents and receiving them
    Unpacking gifts – what could be better? It turns out a lot can be. According to studies, the best way to cheer up during the holidays has nothing to do with the unpacking of gifts. If you want to maximize your festive mood, do not expect a large number of gifts under the tree. Studies show that the real way to be happy on Christmas is to give presents, not receive them.
  7. Compare photos with paintings
    Before the invention of photography, painting was considered as an instrument for reflecting the surrounding as accurately as possible. Painting was considered better the more authentically it depicted the real world. With the advent of photography in 1839, and cinema in 1895, the understanding of painting expanded significantly.

Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Compare working in the office or at home
    Currently, in addition to office work, a person has the opportunity to work at home. What is work at home, and for whom is it suitable? How is it different from the usual office work? What are the pros and cons of each of these types of earnings?
  2. Compare chimps with human beings
    Although chimpanzees are our closest relatives, they were still unknown in most countries of the world, until Charles Darwin wrote about them in 1859, and they became popular. Only recently has a lot of unknown information been discovered that allows us to look differently at the errors and exaggerations used in abundance in works of fiction.
  3. Compare wearing clothes of black and white colors in the summer
    From the point of view of physics, the statement about the usefulness of white in the heat is absolutely correct. But it is incomplete. White clothes reflect not only the heat coming from the Sun, but also the heat coming from us.
  4. Compare British and American English
    Those who complain about the difficulties of learning German do not even know how lucky they are – they only have to learn one language. The difficulty for those who study English is that there is no standard in this language.
  5. Compare Aristotle and Plato
    Plato was the creator of idealism, and his great student, Aristotle, the founder of the peripatetic school, became the creator of realism. The concept of “realism,” however, should be interpreted here not in the sense of “materialism,” but rather as a later European “positivism.”

Compare and Contrast Art Essay Topics

  1. Compare the statues of David by Michelangelo and Bernini
    The marble “David” by Michelangelo is a symbol of the Renaissance. The baroque sculptor, Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, also carved from marble a fierce image of David, who swings a sling. The figure of David, depicted as a strong young man, twists in a powerful movement.
  2. Compare Roman and Gothic style
    Roman art and Roman style is the first of the major historical styles that emerged after the fall of the Roman Empire and the end of the Great Migration. Gothic is a period in the development of medieval art, replacing the Roman style.
  3. Compare Manet and Monet
    Confusion with the names of Manet and Monet is the most obvious, but not the only reason to compare two dissimilar artists who were in the same city, at one time, at one big exhibition and first quarreled, and then became close friends.

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