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Are Africans Responsible For Their Own Poverty?

What Are Sociology Essay Examples - Africans

Categorizing the causes of poverty is a very wide issue. There are many theories about poverty but it is impossible to create a universal classification of such causes. “Three overlapping categorizations are important in the African context: chronic versus transitory poverty, poor versus destitute and the dependent versus the economically active poor” (White, H. and Killick, T. 2001).

Talking about the responsibility of Africans for their own poverty we should firstly pay attention to the concept of chronic poverty. Indeed, many generations of Africans have been living in absolute poverty so the whole nation simply got used to that lifestyle. It is a matter of mentality – people are poor because their Ancestors were poor. The next thing is a lack of education. According to “Wikipedia”, nearly a half of Africans has no opportunity to get a proper education and many people are poorly skilled. “For example, 70% of unemployed youth in Nigeria are unskilled” (Indabawa, S. and Mpofu, S. 2006).

Those patterns form a negative way of thinking, which simply does not let people gain a better life. Of course, a radical change of mentality takes much time but this is an essential change on the way to better life. “We are what we think”, as Buddha said, and that is true.

To some extend Africans are indeed responsible for their poverty because of the negative way of thinking. It is hard to prove this theory and there are many other serious issues to be solved to make their life better but a society starts from one person and a person is made by his or her way of thinking.


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