What Everyone Must Know About Writing a Racism Essay


Are you assigned with an essay about racism? There’s nothing to be surprised about. When you are studying at an educational affiliation, you need to do more than just memorize some facts. Your aim is to learn how to think logically, how to find the connection between the events and their consequences, and how to put your knowledge to use. All of these will help you to integrate into society and gain a specific social status.

For this reason, you should take writing assignments on important social issues seriously. As you know, racism is one of those topics. It is discussed all over the world. Despite the fact that racial discrimination is well known and admitted as an unfair social phenomenon that has appeared because of humanity’s fear towards all things new and unfamiliar, we can still observe demonstrations of racism today. Nowadays, each person has his or her own view on this issue. What about yours?

Take the opportunity to express your thoughts in your academic assignment. In this article, we are going to help you to cope with your racism essay.

Before You Start

We would recommend you to complete these steps before you move to writing.

  • Find out the instructions. You may be given a specific topic or you can be told simply to complete an essay on racism. In both cases you should ask the instructor about the details. Before you start writing you should know: the type of essay, the format, the deadline, and the length. Also, you should ask your instructor if you will need to present your work in class.
  • Immerse yourself in a topic. Not everything is in your head. You need to get the information about a specified issue from the world. If you are lacking time, you should do this quickly. You can see movies, read short comments from experts, and ask people who are involved in this particular issue. It will be a good idea to ask your parents and grandparents about the past. What were the attitudes towards the problem of racial discrimination when your relatives were young?

Note: We are not suggesting to use this information in your essay about racism. You need to immerse yourself in the subject quickly and easily. And it is probably true that seeing movies and talking to your dad is more entertaining than reading long, scholarly articles.

What Should You Discuss in Your Racism Essay?

Each topic can be introduced from different aspects. If you would like to save your time, try to find such an aspect before you make research. We recommend you to take the topic that concerns you the most. Recall on your own experience when selecting the topic. Also, you can use the following points to specify your topic:

  • Demonstrations of racial discrimination: today and twenty years ago.
  • Social factors that lead people to become racists.
  • The connection between racial discrimination and world politics.
  • The role of education in the struggle against racism.
  • The role of mass-media in forming tolerance among different races.
  • What should the government do to combat racism?
  • Think of the future of racial discrimination: would it disappear?

Choose only one point for your racism essay. All of these examples are too wide to reveal them all in one work.

How to Start an Essay About Racism

Don’t panic if you don’t know how to start an essay. You’ll definitely manage. Start writing from the point that springs to your mind first. Then, you will rewrite the first sentences. But first, you just need to start. When writing the final version of the first sentence, follow these rules:

  • It must be clear. From the very first sentence, the reader must understand what this work is about. Make your idea plain to see.
  • It should be intriguing. You can present an astonishing fact, or strike the reader with an odd rhetorical move, or whatever you feel is necessary. Use your imagination.
  • It should involve the reader. You can ask the reader a question. The reader will start to answer it unwittingly, and he or she will be involved in the problem.

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