Writing a Great Essay About Music

For a music fan, an essay about music sounds like a good opportunity to express his or her personal tastes and thoughts. However, not everybody knows how jazz and blues differ, and why reggae music is called as such. Look through these suggestions on how to write a captivating essay even if you are not aware of music genres and styles.

Essay about music

How to Tell a Great Story

Music is an essential part of our lives. Fifty years ago you had to listen to tracks broadcast by radio, or buy tape recorders and tapes that might contain around five songs. Now you can store hundreds of songs on a device that isn’t actually a player, but a smartphone, and listen to them whenever you want without bothering anyone else. But musical tastes differ, and what is a great song for you may sound completely disgusting for someone else. So how are you supposed to create an essay on music that will be interesting for everyone regardless of their personal preferences?

1) Try to be informative. We know it’s hard to talk about music, because why would you ever try to describe the sound of an awesome new band? You just give your friend your headphones and let him or her listen to it personally. However, you can’t do the same thing with the whole auditorium or your teacher. What you are supposed to do in your essay about music is either cover a certain period of music history, define a genre, or tell a personal story about the influence of music on your personality.

2) Remember to stay scientific (a little bit, at least). You are still working on a college assignment, not an article for a fancy website or your blog. That means you need to use formal language, avoid slang, contradictions, and back-up your statements with some quotations or research data. For example, you can use some beautiful quotes by famous musicians or research results that prove listening to music can reduce stress.

3) Think of a good beginning. How do you start an essay about music so that your audience will be eager to hear or read more? You may ask some questions and proceed with answers in your latter paragraphs, or make a controversial statement at first. For example, there was a popular belief that pop (rock/rap/any other modern music genre) makes youth narrow-minded and unintelligent. Of course, if you start your essay like this, many people would want to quarrel with you. But then, you can proceed to debunk this myth using scientific facts and quotations.

Where to Order an Essay on Music

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