Writing a Music Essay Is Simple With Our 5 Quick Tips


Need urgent help with a music essay? We know that you are lacking time, so we won’t waste it by telling you well-known facts. Let’s move to tips that will help you with completing your task right away.


  1. Strike with facts. There is a lot of research on music. Use specific facts to prove your idea. Even if you are writing an expository essay, you should be convincing.
  2. Be observing. Music surrounds us everywhere. Before you start writing a music essay, you probably have an opinion on a specific issue about music. For example, you think that classical music helps people to calm down. So, you can conduct the following experiment to prove your idea. Ask your friends to listen to classical music for a week, and analyze whether it has changed them somehow.
  3. Don’t forget to be consistent. Your idea should be plain for the reader till the end. Some students often don’t know how to conclude an essay about music. There’s nothing special about it. Summarize your previous thoughts. The main rule is not to give new information.
  4. Analyze. It can seem that it’s difficult to analyze the pieces of music. Perhaps you’ll be surprised, but music can be analyzed as well as literary work. Now, we don’t mean lyrics. Music itself has its ideas and themes. When you analyze a literary work, you mention stylistic literary devices like metaphors. Concerning music, you can analyze rhythm, structure or whatever else. Don’t be scared to appear incompetent. Your professor will appreciate your tries.
  5. Do not change your mind during writing. It sounds awkward when a person has been proving a specific idea during the first three paragraphs, and suddenly changes his or her mind in the fourth paragraph.

Music Essay Topic List

If you are assigned with an essay about music but you need to define a narrower topic yourself, we can help you with this. Our list is divided into three sections. We hope you’ll find the appropriate topic for you!

Music as a Social Phenomenon

  • What is the role of music in today’s globalization? Do you think that music helps people to know each other better?
  • Do you think that the purpose of making music has changed a lot for the last twenty years?Why are the majority of well-known composers men in your opinion? Try to find biological and social factors.
  • Do you think that people that listen to a defined music style are of the same psychological type?
  • What is your opinion about usage of music with the purpose of mental therapy?
  • Would some people be less aggressive if they listened to classical music a couple of hours a day?

History of Music

  • What consistent patterns of musicians’ lives in XVIII-XIX century have you noticed? Name composers whose life stories seem to be similar.
  • Imagine that Beethoven lives today. Would he be acclaimed as an outstanding musician? Do you think that his life would be simpler? If so, would it affect his musical compositions in a positive way?
  • Have you noticed that well-known musicians of XVIII-XIX century were nationals of several countries? How do you think nationality influences musical talent? Do you believe that where there’s demand, there’s supply?

Note: If you choose the topic for your music essay from this section, make sure that you have the time and sources to conduct proper research. You should always be accurate when writing about historical events.

Music as Art

  • Do you think that musical talent is innate? Can a person become a musician of the highest rank only by studying the theoretical framework of music?
  • Do you believe that a musician is not capable of composing pieces of music without inspiration?
  • Comment on today’s music. Write about the purposes of today’s music, as well as its styles.
  • How have people’s attitudes towards music changed for the last hundred years?
  • How can stringent prohibition on free music downloading affect people’s attitudes toward the music, in your opinion?
  • Think of the future of music. What changes might take place within the next fifty years?

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