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Do you want to know how good you were this semester? Try out our simple GPA calculator for college students.

Here are some details on how to use this calculator:

  1. Select the type of grading system. Our calculator allows choosing percentage-based and letter grading systems.
  2. Simply input the course (class) name, grade, and credits for one semester. Add more courses if needed and get your semester GPA automatically.
  3. Add as many semesters and courses as you need. The calculator will automatically calculate the overall GPA.

Please, note that grading scales may differ from one educational institution to another. Your high school or university may use another point value. Our calculator is based on the basic US grading scales and will give you an approximate level of your GPA.

Why it’s important to know your GPA

GPA (Grade Point Average) specifies the general performance of a student for a certain period of time. Typically, the GPA in the US is almost always on a scale between 0.0 and 4.0. Your GPA may differ from semester to semester, as it depends on the grades you get for each course. The more effort you put into earning high scores, the higher will be your GPA.

Students should stay up to date with their current GPA, as it may influence their academic perspectives. For example, you may need to submit your GPA to apply to the scholarship program, take part in extracurricular activities, or apply for a particular graduate or post-graduate program.

If you want to attend a specific university or program, you will need to meet the minimal GPA requirements. Knowing your GPA will help you develop the right scenario for improvement to reach the necessary level. Online calculators allow you to make a quick overview of your current GPA. You can calculate the GPA for a semester, term, or whole program.

How our free GPA calculator can help you

It’s quite hard to maintain a GPA on a high level, especially if you have failed at the beginning of the course. That’s why it’s important to monitor your GPA from the first year of your program. Even if your GPA is low at the very beginning, you still have chances to improve your grades. On our website you can calculate your college GPA online – it’s simple and convenient. The calculator will help:

  • Get a quick overview of your current performance.
  • Analyze your scores for a certain period (semester/term/program).
  • Define the courses where you need to put more effort.
  • Make a plan of actions to improve your overall GPA.

Our calculator will be helpful both for current students and prospective applicants. We don’t set the limits for the number of semesters, so you can analyze your overall performance through the last years.

How GPA Is Calculated

Our calculator is based on the most common grading system in American high schools and colleges. If you need to convert foreign grades into US grades, fit that to the scale of your institution.

US Grade Percentage, % Points
A 90 - 100 4.0
B 80 - 89 3.0
C 70 - 79 2.0
D 60 - 69 1.0
F 00 - 59 0.0

Some of the schools use a grading system that includes awards: A+, A, A-; B+, B, B-; C+, C, C-; D+, D, D-; F+, F, F-. The grade points may differ within 0.33 or 0.67 steps for greater accuracy. Our calculator considers the five-grade system including awards. Also, notice that some educational institutions use a weighted GPA, which means that each course has its own grading scale in means of difficulty. Mid-level and honor classes may give you more points than a regular class.

GPA is calculated by multiplying the grade points and credits, and then dividing the result by the total number of the credits attempted. Here is an example that will help you understand the peculiarities:

Course Grade Points Credits
Math A 4.0 10
Science B 3.0 8
Law B 3.0 6
Arts C 2.0 9
Overall points
4.0X10 40.0
3.0X8 24.0
3.0X6 18.0
2.0X9 18.0
Calculating GPA
divide by

How to Calculate Your GPA From International Transcripts

If you have moved from a foreign country and want to attend one of the US educational institutions, you will need to convert your current grades into US grades. Depending on the country, your grades may be placed in transcripts, diploma supplements, mark sheets, and course certificates. To calculate the GPA, you will need a list of classes, grades, and credits of hours for each class.

Some institutions use such abbreviations as pass and fail. Our calculator allows you to input such data in the grade row and it will be converted automatically. To get a more accurate result, clarify the grading details in the college you are applying to.

Use Our Calculator and Boost Your Grades

Be a wise student and start monitoring your GPA right now. Choose the classes that may positively influence your GPA and become a better student. Use our GPA calculator entirely for free!