Creative Writing Examples: Letter To a Fictional Character

The ability to involve a reader into the piece of literature is probably one of the most valuable talents for a writer. The best book is the one, whose characters become the readers’ friends. They cause the feeling of sympathy, friendship and strong concern about the future of the character. Sometimes the author’s skills in written narration are so good that the communication between the reader and the characters of his/her favorite book turns from one-sided into mutual.


The reader feels like have a word with the personage of the book, help him/her in the time of need and give a piece of advice or some hint.

When I was a kid I loved reading different books of adventures. Of course, my favorite was “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe. I read about the poor man being in great trouble. His sufferings and mishaps were described so bright that my only wish was to help him. Robinson Crusoe is a very positive character, he is smart and crafty. I understood that his biggest problem was his solitude and lack of communication. I wished I could write a letter to Robinson and cheer him up. I would write him about the strength of hope and self-confidence and advise him to believe in himself, which would for sure help him survive and return home. I think the letter would help him understand that he was not alone in the world. In fact, the author wrote about how happy Robinson Crusoe was when he found some stuff on the beach. I believe the letter from the big land would make him even happier and help him to make it through all the problems and difficulties that he had at his unpopulated island.

I believe that the connection between the character of a book and the reader of this book is very important. It teaches us to be compassionate and support people. It is also capable of developing imagination, communicative and thinking skills. The writers who know how to set this type of connection deserve the best of compliments.

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