Fluency in English Is Essential for Progress Essay

Fluency means being able to speak or write a language effortlessly without any trouble. English is a universal language and is spoken all around the world.

Let us talk about how fluency in English helps in a single individual’s progress. Bilingual and multilingual people are seen as knowledgeable, as they are proficient in English even if it is not their primary language. Being eloquent in using English helps to sell ideas, communicate thoughts, and also impress others with the manner of speech.

Essay on Fluency in English Is Essential for Progress

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Being articulate in English can help spread information around quickly, as it will help people in understanding the words correctly (“10 Reasons Why English Is Such an Important Language”). Fluency can even aid you in building a career related to international activity. It can also give you the freedom to acquire knowledge on a global scale. Being able to exchange ideas to whichever part of the world you go is one of the major perks (“11 Things English Fluency Has Given Me”).

When it comes to more prominent business companies, English is the default language. Most of the business deals are made on how much the dealers understand the idea behind the arrangement. Most of the international business corporations in the entire world use English as the primary source of communication and discussion for their meetings, deals, contracts, and transactions (“Impact of Globalization on English Language”). The teams of notable scientists from different countries handle the world’s extensive researches. They produce their conversations, work discussions, and analysis results in English for better global reach.

English is one of the most dominant languages because it is used all over world and is having an impact on almost every field. Fluency in writing and speaking English is essential for progression.

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