Human Trafficking Research Topics You Should Check Out

Human trafficking is a terrible violation of human rights. Due to the fact that this theme is frequently discussed in society, students are often asked to write papers on it. For obvious reasons, students should choose a topic that will be interesting for them to write on. We have created a list of human trafficking topics, a research paper or an essay will grab reader’s attention if you select one of them. If you choose one but don’t know how to deal with your paper, get our paper writing help.

Human Trafficking Research Paper Topics

Cause And Effects Of Human Trafficking Topics

  1. Human trafficking and how it affects society.
  2. How does violence in human trafficking affect the victims mentally?
  3. Why does human trafficking affect economies?
  4. Prevention and prosecution against human trafficking, exploitation, or forced labor in conflict-affected zones.
  5. How modern technology affects human trafficking.
  6. How does human trafficking affect the economy of the stock market?
  7. Human trafficking and how to combat against, the programs in place, and the effect it has on the families and national security.
  8. The effects of therapy on self-esteem for victims of human trafficking.
  9. The effects of human trafficking on a country’s image and its economy.
  10. Psychological effects of human trafficking on the victims.
  11. What are the effects of human trafficking at the southern borders of San Diego and Los Angeles? How is border patrol responding? What is the financial impact on border patrol personnel/resources?
  12. The effect of the Palermo Convention to combat the crime of human trafficking in the UK & Kingdom of Jordan.
  13. Measures taken to ensure safe migration as a step to prevent human trafficking.
  14. How gender inequality leads to human trafficking.
  15. How protection of migrant workers’ rights prevents human trafficking.
  16. How pre-departure orientation information for migrant workers prevents human trafficking.
  17. How to prevent human trafficking of women migrant workers.
  18. New programs developed to prevent further risks of human trafficking.
  19. What sanctions should be applied to all recruitment agencies involved in human trafficking?
  20. How to prevent human trafficking that was intended for forced labor and sexual exploitation.
  21. What measures should be taken to ensure ethical recruitment practices and prevention of human trafficking.
  22. Risks of human trafficking intended for forced labor.
  23. How to break the web of human trafficking and re-trafficking.
  24. How civil society can prevent human trafficking.
  25. Expanded social protection, education and training, and employment opportunities as help to human trafficking victims.
  26. Importance of urgent medical care for victims of human trafficking.
  27. Importance of specialized safe housing for victims of human trafficking.
  28. Human trafficking as the recruitment, transfer, transportation, receipt, or harboring of affected people.
  29. The usage of digital technologies in prevention of human trafficking.
  30. Human trafficking laws.

Persuasive Human Trafficking Research Paper Topics

  1. Reasons of limited attention paid to human trafficking.
  2. To what extent, if any, does Bitcoin in today’s digital world fuel the human trafficking market?
  3. What should people do to stop human trafficking?
  4. The role of theory in human trafficking.
  5. Forms of human trafficking.
  6. The impact of Covid-19 on human trafficking.
  7. The criminality of human trafficking.
  8. Reflection on human trafficking organization and the book “Girls Like Us” by Rachel Lloyd.
  9. Why sex trafficking remains invisible.
  10. The connection of rights of people with disabilities and human trafficking.
  11. Independence of the judiciary in working on cases related to human trafficking.
  12. Greater participation of women in law enforcement and investigations of cases related to human trafficking.
  13. The influence of discrimination of human trafficking.
  14. Why awareness of human trafficking based on the purpose of sexual exploitation is limited.
  15. How gender equality measures can reduce the risks of human trafficking.
  16. Why are 10-20 thousand sufferers of human trafficking found all over the world every year?
  17. Human trafficking of widows of male migrants and families of labor migrants.
  18. Why strengthening gender equality is critical to preventing human trafficking.
  19. Help and protection for victims/survivors of human trafficking.
  20. Human trafficking, Palermo Protocol, and human rights standards.
  21. Stereotyping of female victims and apparent reluctance to believe women who tell about their experience of human trafficking.
  22. Help to human trafficking victims without any discrimination.
  23. Legal aid for people who suffered from human trafficking.
  24. Legal assistance for victims who live in rural areas.
  25. The risk of reprisals from human traffickers.
  26. Trauma-sensitive, gender-sensitive investigations of human trafficking, and promoting gender equality.
  27. Is human trafficking a form of organized transnational crime? Why?
  28. Gender aspects in child trafficking.
  29. Data and research of gender aspects in human trafficking.
  30. Survivor involvement and leadership in anti-trafficking programs.

Argumentative Human Trafficking Essay Topics

  1. Human trafficking of Afghan refugees.
  2. Human trafficking in Canada/United States.
  3. Global safety and social determinants: human trafficking.
  4. Human trafficking: the signs, help for the victims, and Stockholm syndrome.
  5. Human trafficking in the state of Texas. Does it exist?
  6. Human trafficking defined as slavery.
  7. Self-esteem of victims of human trafficking.
  8. Analyze human trafficking through the utilitarian ethics system.
  9. Activism on human trafficking in Latin America.
  10. Human trafficking in Ghana.
  11. Human trafficking as a factor that destroys our lives.
  12. Lawful human trafficking reform.
  13. Why are women and girls most often subjected to sexual exploitation?
  14. The registration of refugees and asylum seekers as prevention of human trafficking.
  15. What creates the main risks of exploitation due to human trafficking?
  16. How to protect refugees from human trafficking?
  17. The recommendations for protecting rights of refugees to protect them from human trafficking.
  18. Gender risks of persecution including human trafficking.
  19. Reducing statelessness as a prevention of human trafficking.
  20. Birth registration of all children to prevent human trafficking.
  21. Indications of human trafficking.
  22. Assistance of refugees who suffered from human trafficking.
  23. Why is human trafficking, in terms of its turnover, not inferior to drug trafficking?
  24. The role of human rights defenders and civil society in the fight against human trafficking.
  25. Why are women identified as almost half of victims of human trafficking.
  26. Legal assistance in obtaining compensation by victims of human trafficking.
  27. Does legalizing prostitution help increase or decrease human trafficking?
  28. Christianity’s view on human trafficking.
  29. Does social media allow human trafficking to flourish?
  30. The face of human trafficking in the United States and how to move forward from it.
  31. How do police officers respond to human trafficking?
  32. Runaway and homeless young girls in the United States that are victims of human trafficking.

Discussion Subtopics For Human Trafficking

  1. Of all human trafficking victims, 50% are exploited in a sexual way. Discuss.
  2. Human trafficking and the sex industry.
  3. Human trafficking and cyber warfare.
  4. Terrorism and human trafficking news articles in Africa.
  5. Human trafficking legislation.
  6. Which are the most significant actors in the global governance of human trafficking, and how effective are they in tackling the issue?
  7. How globalization has impacted human trafficking.
  8. Addressing the threats to national security that are associated with human trafficking.
  9. How the internet has transformed human trafficking.
  10. Human trafficking in Houston.
  11. Human trafficking in UAE.
  12. Human trafficking in the Caribbean.
  13. Reducing human trafficking in the US.
  14. Preclinical assessment and treatment of human trafficking victims.
  15. State and national joint law enforcement efforts to fight against human trafficking.
  16. Risks of human trafficking in Iraq and Syria.
  17. What is the most dangerous form of human trafficking?
  18. Protection of rights of people who suffered due to human trafficking.
  19. Human trafficking of children repatriated from Iraq.
  20. The provision of psychological assistance, medical care, and educational support to children suffered from human trafficking.
  21. Negative consequences of human trafficking of children in conflict zones.
  22. Why is forced labor most widespread in Western, Eastern, and Southern Africa?
  23. Human trafficking of children in the context of recruitment by terrorist or armed groups.
  24. State responses to the risks associated with human trafficking of children.
  25. The creation and functioning of the state compensation fund for human trafficking victims.
  26. The creation of a specialized unit for investigation, education, and training on human trafficking.
  27. The importance of training on investigating cases of human trafficking and providing assistance to victims.
  28. Improving the effectiveness of investigations of human trafficking crimes.
  29. The burden on victims during investigations of cases related to human trafficking.
  30. Is there a difference between slavery and human trafficking? Discuss.

Analytical Human Trafficking Topics

  1. Human trafficking and issues in criminal justice.
  2. Human trafficking in San Francisco.
  3. Human trafficking and sports contracts.
  4. Human trafficking in South America.
  5. Drug abuse as a part of human trafficking and as psychological defense of victims.
  6. Analyze human trafficking in Sudan and South Sudan.
  7. Human trafficking victimization of youth who run away from foster care.
  8. Human trafficking and the internet. How the criminal justice system has tried to address this situation.
  9. Human trafficking: the need for nursing advocacy.
  10. Terrorism and human trafficking.
  11. Human trafficking in Russia with focus on the sale of children, child pornography, and prostitution.
  12. How can we stop human trafficking in the Miami area?
  13. Human trafficking in Asia.
  14. Human trafficking: outside US, inside US, history of it, actions taken, controversies involving prostitution, and blame placed on the victim.
  15. Human trafficking increasing in North Carolina.
  16. The rate of human trafficking in agriculture states.
  17. Human trafficking in central Florida.
  18. How can knowledge about slavery in the past aid us in preventing slavery/human trafficking today?
  19. Why is human trafficking more widespread in the countries of North Africa and Western and Southern Europe?
  20. How is human trafficking a difficult problem to overcome?
  21. Domestic violence and human trafficking in Louisiana.
  22. Human trafficking and how it impacts nursing.
  23. Human trafficking in aviation.
  24. Analyze the transatlantic slave trade and human trafficking today.
  25. Prosecution of human trafficking.
  26. Human trafficking while applying ethical theories and ethical perspectives.
  27. Are initiatives against human trafficking working?
  28. Human trafficking in undeveloped and developed countries.
  29. Human trafficking of Chinese acrobats.
  30. The U.S. Government’s policies on human trafficking.
  31. Child victims of human trafficking.
  32. What is human trafficking, and how is it organized?

LGBTQ Rights And Human Trafficking Research Topics

  1. Social discrimination of LGBTQ people and increasing difficulty in reporting human trafficking.
  2. Help and protection of LGBTQ people who suffered from human trafficking.
  3. Discrimination, violence, and difficulty for LGBTQ victims of human trafficking to access justice.
  4. Forms of discrimination that LGBTQ people face who are at risk of being human trafficked.
  5. Human trafficking of LGBT people in Africa.

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