Best Enlightenment Essay Topics for Students

Enlightenment was the time of a philosophical and intellectual movement that dominated the world of new ideas. It prospered in Europe from the 17th to 19th centuries. The Enlightenment rises from a European scholar and intellectual signs of Renaissance humanism.

Enlightenment essay topics

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This period is very popular for students to write essays on this subject. To inspire them for more interesting academic writings, we organized relevant Enlightenment topics for their essays.

  1. How did the Enlightenment-era thinking contribute to Napoleon coming to power?
  2. How did the Enlightenment-era thinking contribute to the rise of nationalism throughout Europe before 1849?
  3. Enlightenment and its impact on the French Revolution.
  4. Is there such a thing as Enlightenment?
  5. Disputation of religion in the Enlightenment epoch as one of the causes of the first French Revolution.
  6. How was Europe transformed for the Enlightenment, Reformation, and French Revolution?
  7. Progressive movements, such as the Enlightenment, French Revolution, industrialization, and reforms were considered as part of progress in the humanities, sciences, technology, and politics. World War I occurred after several centuries of this progress. Possible causes of World War I as an effect of progressive movements.
  8. Decrease in power with the church and monarch by Reformation, Enlightenment, and the American Revolution.
  9. What significant historical events took place during the Enlightenment period?
  10. What is the Enlightenment period?
  11. How did philosophers from the Enlightenment inspire the ideal government and encourage the American Revolution?
  12. Enlightenment and Freemasonry activity in Germany.
  13. The position of women in the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Romantic period.
  14. How severe was Napoleon’s foreign and domestic policy decisions? Did it preserve or destroy the ideals of the Enlightenment?
  15. Who Was Rousseau? What was the Enlightenment, according to Paul Sargent?
  16. Establish your “enlightenment” from the ancient Eastern sages. For example, you may talk about in what ways the ideas of the old Eastern philosophers may affect the way you want to adopt for your own life’s path in the future.
  17. Enlightenment philosophers and their doctrine.
  18. Enlightenment or the Age of Reason in the United States of America.
  19. The significant intellectual changes that led to the Enlightenment.
  20. In what ways does the Haitian Revolution build on and challenge the Enlightenment?
  21. Discuss the effects the Enlightenment ideals had on American literature.
  22. How did the Tunisian revolution develop from the Enlightenment?
  23. Tea iconography and material cultures in Great Britain (Enlightenment period, 17th-18th century.)
  24. Science in the times of the Enlightenment age.
  25. Voltaire and his engagement with the Enlightenment.
  26. The circulation of science in the Enlightenment and women’s involvement.
  27. How was humanism significant within the Enlightenment era? Why?
  28. From Salem to the Enlightenment.
  29. Artistic achievements in the Enlightenment era.
  30. Scientific revolution and the Enlightenment age.
  31. Protestant reformation and the Enlightenment.
  32. Counter-reformation and the Enlightenment.
  33. Secular humanism in the Enlightenment era.
  34. The Glorious Revolution in the time of the Enlightenment.
  35. Pangloss teaches Candide a brand of philosophy based on principle contributed by philosophers of the Enlightenment: “Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.”
  36. Architecture in the Enlightenment era.
  37. Napoleon and the art of the empire in the time of Enlightenment.
  38. Rationalism, romanticism, and skepticism were three primary philosophical schools of thought during the Enlightenment. How does Voltaire relate to these notions?
  39. Enslavement during the Enlightenment.
  40. Enlightenment ideas in post-Enlightenment world literature.
  41. Do the ideas developed during the European Enlightenment and the Age of Revolution promote freedom and equality for all human beings?
  42. The Enlightenment era: Rococo.
  43. Kant – “What Is Enlightenment”?
  44. Analyze the social and political impacts of enlightenment philosophy over time.
  45. Impact of Enlightenment on creating the Declaration of Independence.


Every student can use these Enlightenment essay topics as a source of inspiration for their academic writings. Use our advice to become a successful student in college and show strong knowledge of any discipline in your class!