An Essay on the Importance of Family Relationships

the importance of family short essay

The presence and support of family members are the most important influences in a person’s life. Since birth, humans depend on family to survive and develop. The family remains as a significant influence through adulthood, and the link between family members is seldom broken. A good family relationship is crucial during the first years of life, adolescence, and through adulthood.

During the first years of life, babies, toddlers, and kids depend on their family members for protection, survival, and love. The relationship with family members is the first human interaction that a child experiences, and the quality of that interaction will mold the child for life. In addition, family members become the “child’s first teachers and act as role models in how to act and how to experience the world around them” (“Why Is Family Support Important?”). Therefore, parents have to be very careful during these first years in order to provide quality knowledge and good examples for their kids.

The preteen and teen years are known to be times of turmoil, and they also turn to family for “practical, financial, and material help” (“Relationships with Parents”). In addition, teenagers frequently seek relationship advice from their parents. Family represents an emotional support element able to guide children and teach them how to cope with many of life’s challenges.

Although adulthood is probably the time when family seems less important, adults often turn to family for help. As stated by Fuller-Iglesias et al., “increasing family negativity was associated with increases in depressive symptoms over time.” Therefore, adults rely on family for emotional and financial support in times of distress.

As described earlier, the quality of family interaction is important throughout a person’s life and provides safety, emotional support, and financial help. The quality of the interactions with family members has a strong influence on an adult’s mental health. Therefore, family relationships must be nurtured in order to lead happy lives.

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