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If there were no trees essay

The past few years have seen a lot of improvement in the lives of people since technology has taken over. However, if this advancement continues, it may bring about some compromising changes in our nature, including the drop in the density of the forests. If there would be no trees, people are likely to suffer from a shortage of food supply, susceptibility to the harmful effects of climate change, and lack of oxygen supply.

Trees constantly provide food. This is evident since about 80 percent of the world’s food originates in the tropical rainforest (“Facts”). The rainforest provides a healthy and large portion of fruits for the world such as bananas, coconuts, avocados, and mangoes. Thus, if there would be no trees, people may barely survive with the remaining 20 percent of the world’s food.

The trees ceaselessly combat climate change. Milius underscores that planting trees on land as vast as 0.9 billion hectares can help trap two-thirds of the total volume of carbon that has accumulated since the beginning of the industrial revolution (“Tree Planting May Buy More Time”). This consequently reduces the ambient temperature and makes the Earth a more conducive place to live in. Therefore, it is highly encouraged that people must learn to revitalize the rainforests by planting trees.

The trees are responsible for providing humans fresh air to breathe in. They perform photosynthesis, and the Smithsonian Science Education Center elaborates that during which carbon dioxide is taken in together with water and solar energy to produce oxygen (“What Is Photosynthesis”). Without oxygen, humans cannot live and function. Hence, the absence of trees leads to a horrifying catastrophe.

The world is constantly changing, and trees play a pivotal role in maintaining life on Earth. They are, in fact, the source of life. There is so much that trees can offer, and if humans remain unmindful and do not look after these resources, they will significantly miss out on the valuable uses of having trees around, such as the abundance in food, protection from the adverse effects of climate change, and sufficiency in oxygen supply.

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