Essay on Sports: The Impact of Sports Icons

essay on sports

Explain in Detail Your View of the Impact (Good, Bad, or Indifferent) of Having Sports Icons in Society

The beauty of sports transcends through time. From the older generation up to the present time, this activity has been acknowledged as beneficial for everyone. Activities, such as basketball and volleyball, bring out unity and teamwork in the group while boosting the self-esteem of an individual. And while promoting sports in our society is of big help, some are still arguing if sports icons are in the same way advantageous just like the former.

Are sports icons helpful in the society? In what ways are they helping individuals? Could there be any disadvantage if a sports icon lives near us? Experts say that there are plenty of reasons to be thankful for when a sports icon is in your society. Things such as youth empowerment and unity are some of its benefits (“What Is the Role of Sports in Society?”).

A sports icon helps in empowering future leaders of the society. They could easily influence youth with their actions, behaviors, and presence. They could easily motivate and affect people with their words as they become the image of superheroes for children.

In a generation where technology reigns, a sports icon could be the game changer of a society. By simply looking at them, children may be more empowered to go outside and play sports. It affects not only the way they view the future but also the way they take care of their health and wellness (Ireland).
Being a good influence to society is a sports icon’s choice. An influential individual with a good heart could easily acknowledge the impact that he or she would be making on society. Therefore, the individual should do everything to make a great difference beyond his or her lifetime.

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Sports are an indispensable part of life for individuals who want to stay healthy and feel better. We can do yoga, swim in a pool, or go to the gym. However, sports aren’t the only way to stay healthy – it is a social phenomenon. In our essay on sports, we’ve tried to figure out whether sports icons have a good or bad impact on our society. We hope that our author has answered this question properly for you, and now, you have enough ideas to prepare your own essay on sports.

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