Narrative Essay Sample on the Most Memorable Meal

narrative essay sample
Are you ready to answer the question of what your most memorable meal is? For example, someone may not be able to answer this simple question for the simple reason that he or she likes too much. Nevertheless, many of us will find our own special meals, like the writer who wrote this narrative essay sample.

Someone may use this personal experience essay sample as a template, and someone else may get some ideas from it to write a paper. We are confident that you will find it helpful in any case. It was written by one of our professional writers who approached this task creatively. Read the following sample to see how interestingly you can write a paper on the presented topic.

What Is Your Most Memorable Meal? Narrative Essay

Unlike most independent teenagers, I developed my cooking skills rather late. I blame it on my father’s mastery of cooking, for his dishes would not allow my taste buds to be violated by my beginner level culinary calamities. Things, however, changed for the better when one morning I found myself in charge of my younger siblings, the day of my most memorable meal.

Surprisingly enough, my father on that fateful morning was nowhere to be found. Soon enough, I discovered a note on the refrigerator: “Emergency at grandma’s. Didn’t get a chance to go grocery shopping. Tomatoes, lettuce, and chicken in the fridge, have breakfast. Love, Dad.”

The Hunger Games had begun!

Over the ear-splitting demands for food by my younger brothers, I managed to gather my courage and started doing the only obvious thing to do in any situation where one is clueless: searching Google. I read off the note my father had left me and entered the ingredients on the search bar, hoping for an edible recipe, achievable by a person of my skill set, to pop up.

After an hour of cautiously following every instruction to the letter and silently praying for the safety of my house and my fingers, I managed to put everything together, bathed in blue cheese, ranch dressing, and honey, much to my brothers’ delight. The product was a chicken lettuce wrap. My first wrap.

I had put aside some for my father. My father had entrusted me with the responsibility of preparing a meal for the family, and I managed to achieve a task that I considered to be impossible. This gave me the boost I needed to start exploring the kitchen. To infinity and beyond!

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