Example of an Argumentative Essay on the Death Penalty

death penalty essay example

Death Penalty Essay

The death penalty, also referred to as capital punishment, is a process of executing an individual convicted by law. Such an action depends on the gravity of the crime committed and the country’s established laws. Some countries apply the death penalty on criminals who commit rape or murder. But as the years progress, some believe that the consequences of such crimes should also progress. That is why a suggestion on the abolition of the death penalty, or capital punishment, has arisen and sparked a lot of opinions.

According to Zhao (2005), the abolition of the death penalty in China has three stages: the abolition of capital punishment in relation to non-violent crimes, the abolition of the death penalty in crimes that do not put the lives of the society at risk, and the complete and total abolition of capital punishment once the society and the laws are highly developed or otherwise evolved.

The reform of China’s death penalty must have a few goals in mind: a short-term goal and a goal set for the long-term. For the short-term goal, China must focus on limiting and reducing the use of the death penalty as a consequence of crimes committed. On a long-term note, the country must set its sights on the total abolition of the death penalty (Zhao, 2010).

In conclusion, the complete abolition of the death penalty from a country’s system requires evolution and development in its society and laws. For a country to function without capital punishment, the people of the country must work together to form a safer and more civilized community. Also, alternative programs must be offered in exchange for the death penalty’s removal.

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