The American Dream in The Great Gatsby: Essays

The Great Gatsby Essay“The American Dream” – person is free to choose his own destiny and nothing prevents him from living in harmony with himself. “The Great Gatsby” is the story of a man who made himself. Jay Gatsby is trying to build life according to the canons of the American Dream – a stable financial situation and social success and goal, which is associated with the idea of God’s chosen people. He became rich thanks to the speculation of alcohol. It overlaps with the biography of Fitzgerald: he studied in Princeton, and wanted to become independent from the family. “The Great Gatsby” shows the American Dream and its impossibility. To know how it is shown, you should read through our “The Great Gatsby” essay presented below.

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The Great Gatsby and the American Dream

The Great Gatsby, written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, is known as one of the best classic American novels. The novel has always been associated with the American Dream, in which anyone is free to follow their desire in pursuit of happiness. The author was hailed to be one of America’s best authors, and this novel is related to the Jazz Age.

The American Dream in the novel is characterized by Jay Gatsby, who believes that anyone can turn dream into reality and be successful to uplift their current circumstances through determination and hard work. Like Jay, I’m also determined to work hard to achieve my dreams and be successful for my own self fulfillment, and not for someone else. I also think that a part of me is illustrated by Nick Carraway, who stays uprooted to his morality and doesn’t give much attention to his social class. I believe that as much as we want to achieve equality for all, there is still a stigma on this aspect even now in our society which everyone from all walks of life can attest to.

Overall, the novel teaches us some valuable lessons, one of which is that through perseverance and determination a person can move from rags to riches. The sad reality of achieving equality and abolishing social class is still a work in progress, but what matters most is that we stick to our moral values. They guide us to do things the right way and lead us to a happy and better life.

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