Nursing Shortage Essay Sample: What Steps Can We Take?

sample essay nursing

Nurses are an important part of healthcare. Unfortunately, the demand for nursing professionals is higher than registered nurses. The number of job openings for nursing is more than the number of nurses available. One of our authors has touched this problem in the following nursing shortage essay and has discussed the steps we can take to address this issue.

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What Steps Can We Take to Address the Nursing Shortage?

The demand for nurses grows as economies become stable, populations age, and retirees who need assistance increase. These factors are opportunities for employment. However, the job comes with long shifts, a low salary, and performance bonuses. Potential employees stray from job openings for fear of taking on extra shifts.

It is vital to eliminate the concerns of nurses in training and RNs, as it will increase the staff in hospitals and healthcare institutions. The instructors, clinical sites, and classrooms in nursing schools must be well suited to encourage enrollees and enrolled students in the program (AACN). The budget from the local government or the educational institution must also be sustained to recruit and train young nurses to cover the “high nurse retirement and turnover rate” (AACN) in countries like Japan and the US, and pass qualifying exams to get a job.

Some hospitals offer signing bonuses and incentive pay for extra shifts. The quick fix allows nurses to leave after earning the bonus or experiencing burnout from overtime work. To entice students to continue the program, Jupiter Medical offers competitive salaries, referral bonuses, and tuition reimbursement for interns (Susskind). Public funding is needed to cover the expenses of local hospitals. To answer the lack of funds, professionals and physicians in Quebec reject their raises and allocate them to nurses and other healthcare staff (Solyom).

Access to training and proper learning facilities for students and competitive salaries with appropriate compensation to nurses are some strategies to solve the dilemma. Proper allocation of funding from public and private doctors to provide salaries and incentives to students and nurses in training are also some of the ways to address the nursing shortage.

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